Ingress Anomaly Results: Echo Phase 3

June 27, 2023 by Jordon Mizzi

The third and final phase of the Echo Anomaly took place on June 17, 2023, in Athens, Ueda, and Winnipeg. Let’s delve into the results. Primary Site: Athens, Greece The primary site of Athens was…

Ingress Anomaly Results: Echo Phase 2

May 27, 2023 by Jordon Mizzi

The Ingress Echo Anomaly Series continued with Phase 2 on May 20, 2023, featuring the primary site in Brisbane, Australia, and satellite sites in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Brighton, UK. The Enlightened and Resistance teams once…

Ingress Anomaly Report: Echo Phase 1

April 28, 2023 by Jordon Mizzi

On April 22, 2023, Ingress players from all over the world participated in Phase 1 of the Echo Anomaly event. The event took place in three sites, with Jacksonville, FL, USA serving as the primary…

Kureze Effect Phase 3 Results

March 30, 2022 by Jordon Mizzi

The Enlightened have won the Kureze Effect Series by 215,031 points NIA Deployed Beacons 29,716 beacons were deployed by the NIA for Agents to fight over across the world. The Resistance gained control over 12,870…

Kureze Effect Phase 2 Results

February 27, 2022 by Jordon Mizzi

The data is in for Phase 2 of the Kureze Effect and this time, Niantic deployed 31,387 Battle Beacons (with a x5 score multiplier) across 645 regional cells across the globe. Enlightened took the lead…

Kureze Effect Phase 1 Results

January 29, 2022 by Jordon Mizzi

The results are in for the first Ingress Anomaly since 2019, and Phase 1 of the Kureze Effect goes to the Enlightened by 93,029 points!

Kureze Effect – Phase 1

January 22, 2022 by Ishira Tsubasa

The first round of the Kureze Effect has begun! NIASection14 will be deploying Rare Battle Beacons in each of the below listed cities between 1430 to 1730 local time on Sunday, 23 January 2022. Stay…

Nemesis: Umbra Results

October 16, 2019 by Jordon Mizzi

The Nemesis: Umbra Anomaly consisted of four challenges in nine cities on one day. Resistance won two of the cities and Enlightened won 7 to win the Anomaly.

Abaddon Prime Day 3 (Chicago)

May 26, 2019 by Jordon Mizzi

With each faction winning one day each of the Abbadon Prime Anomaly series so far, the fate of the series rested on the battle in Chicago on May 25th.

Abaddon Prime Day 2 (Amsterdam)

May 14, 2019 by Jordon Mizzi

Day 2 of Abaddon Prime continues with the single city format in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 12th. The Resistance started the day with a commanding lead in both the Shard and Capture battles and managed…