The New Age Resistance


/əˈdapt/  –  make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

The New Age Resistance



Super powers, enhancements, technology and artificial intelligence are all around us.  With the modifications and enhancements to the human body powered by XM, and the help of artificial intelligence the Resistance are looking to gain an edge over Shaper Ingression.  Chip modifications like the glowing one in this image are soon to be implanted into agents and used to assist in defeating the Enlightened. I can only assume that an AI as smart as ADA would have backed herself up and had a plan for what the Acolyte and Jarvis had planned. What better way to hide and protect yourself than to store a bit of you in mobile resistance agents around the world.  At first I though perhaps in each scanner, but then that leaves her vulnerable to enemy agents with scanners.  Then this “New Age” idea was leaked and it all became clear.   However there are risks involved with implanting technology directly into the body.  You run the risk of rejection and infection.  You also link yourself directly with a power AI.  While in her weakened state she may not be able to take control of those with chip implants or other advances, but she may regain her strength.


    There is already people out there doing this and I can only assume that resistance agents have reached out to them for help in this field.  There’s biohackers, grinders and cyborgs out there that could be of some use.  If you are thinking this is the way and your goals are different from the current leaders I’d seek them out for help and bring them to our side. Transhumanism is the future and it can help us a great deal.  We must use any advantage we can, whether it’s wearables, or implants we should do what’s necessary.  We have advanced beyond pacemakers and insulin pumps.  It’s time to harness are advantages in technology and use ADA to fight back.  Let’s reboot, sync up and adapt.


It’s time for the NEW AGE