The Niantic Investigation 2015: Part Two-Persepolis

Thank you for returning for another look back at the Niantic Investigation through 2015. In last week’s installment, we looked back at the events of Shonin and the conflict to control the Shards of Devra Bogdanovich. Now we will take a look at what occurred afterwards.


In Hanover, Hank Johnson was on the ground for the Shonin Finale. After hearing of the Enlightened loss he made this statement which was later shared on Google Plus:

hank johnson nomad

Shortly after this statement, Hank began a journey to confirm whether the other Niantic Researchers had actually disappeared after the Shonin blast in Afghanistan. Throughout the months leading up to the Persepolis, Hank travelled from Hanover to Wunstorf, Germany then to Rome then, to what he describes as “one of the most obscure corners of the world.  The land of the Anazktec.” and, finally, to the Magic Castle in L.A  He has confirmed that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe(in Germany), Martin Schubert(Rome), Yuri Alaric Nagassa(Anazktec) and Misty Hannah(Magic Castle) have all vanished. Afterwards, he made his way to meet up with Nigel Moyer and was given a package to deliver to Susanna.


Meanwhile, Richard Loeb had been attempting to assist ADA with surviving an impending attack by 855 and Henry Bowles. In exchange for helping her, ADA would give Klue back her body, allowing her to return to her original self. On May 5th, a video surfaced, showing Loeb attempting to free Klue using a Shaper Glyph sequence.



Confirmation by the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence revealed that Klue and ADA were finally separated. Meanwhile, news broke of 41 XM Shards in the Network containing the essence of Stein Lightman, Shaper Glyph expert. It was quickly assumed that control of the Shards would alter Stein’s alignment, similar to Devra. Agents lept into action to control them immediately. As the Anomalies drew closer, many individuals decided that their opinions on the status of things needed to be known. One of these people was Dr. Edgar Allan Wright, the reclusive founder of Operation Essex. On May 21st, he went in person on Behind the Scanner to provide his thoughts on the Niantic Investigation.



“With Operation Essex, we have assembled the most elite set of investigators in the Ingress world, and the purpose is to discover the truth of whatever is going on in the portals, the truth of what the NIA may or may not be hiding, what the corporations are doing. We are trying to get to the bottom of all of that. And quite frankly, I have my own personal motive, and that motive is to reassemble my own thoughts and brain.”



The week after, on May 28th, H. Richard Loeb also went on Behind the Scanner to share his thoughts on the revelations behind Truthseeker and of the status of Klue, who had gone comatose following her separation from ADA.




On May 30th, 2015, the first Persepolis Anomalies struck in Bratislava, Washington, DC, Covilhã, Thessaloniki, Phoenix, Toronto, Buenos Aires and other sites around the world. After a fierce competition, The Resistance controlled the anomalies. Agents in Washington D.C worked to deliver the message Hank Johnson had been tasked with taking to Susanna Moyer, who was on the ground.


As the next wave of Anomalies approached, the reclusive comic book artist Tycho had begun to release pieces of his revelatory work. Meanwhile, Hank began to head to Persepolis to confront Jahan and stop her from activating the Nest in the city-but was stopped by Devra, who had re-appeared and warned him not to go, claiming that if he does “there will be no coming back.” Hank took her advice and decided to let Jahan go alone into Persepolis, hoping that the Enlightened control of the final Anomalies would stop her.


On June 20th, 2015, the final Persepolis Anomalies struck in Tohoku, JP [P], Utrecht, NL [P], Portland, OR, US [P] and 37 other Satellite Sites and Connected Cells worldwide. After a massive fight, it was the Resistance that emerged victorious. It seemed that Jahan’s goal to activate Persepolis would succeed….


Meanwhile, a series of powerful new XM constucts were released: The Softbank Ultra Link and the MUFG Capsule.


Finally, on June 25th, a mysterious guest-revealed to be John Nee of Cryptozoic Entertainment-released information regarding a new comic made by the reclusive sensitive artist known as Tycho, who is regarded by Investigators as the first known leaker of NIA information through a series of posters he made in 2012. Further details released suggest the comic is referred to as Ingress: Origins and shall be released on September 30th, 2015 in comic stores.


Starting next week, I will provide a monthly update on the current status of the Niantic Investigation and its key players. If you are new to the storyline or have no idea what’s going on, please return to Fev Games next week to find out what’s going on. Until next time!