The Niantic Investigation – Feb. 2016 Status Update

Hello there and welcome back to Fev Games as we explore the Niantic Investigation in 2016.

So what’s the most important thing or things that you need to know in order to jump in?

Well, this month had been nothing short of explosive as the #Obsidian Anomaly Series kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, Milwaukee, Madrid and Hamamatsu. 

In Seattle and Rio, Agents competed in Flash Shard Anomalies to gain control of the fragments of the Obsidian Shield, while in Milwaukee and Madrid Agents would experience regular Anomaly play. In Hamamatsu, Agents on site took part in a hybrid Anomaly part Flash Shard, part Cluster Battle.

With an overall score of 15,772 to 10,007 – the Enlightened secured the first Obsidian anomalies, claiming Hamamatsu and Seattle while the RES claimed Rio, Madrid and Milwaukee. 

Seattle was the Anomaly that many Investigators had their eyes on. Susanna Moyer, Ingress Report host, was on the ground with a mysterious box. The week prior to the Anomalies, Agents in Bologna had undertaken a Mission that had emerged there. By doing so, the Enlightened gained the special key needed to open the box. 

FG Lore Update Bologna 1FG Lore Update Bologna 2

They were now tasked with transporting the key to Seattle. Enlightened Agent BigMatty was the one who had taken the key and brought it with him to Seattle.

FG Lore Update Seattle 1

To make things even more interesting, both Hank Johnson and Edgar Allan Wright emerged asking to see the contents of the box. Dr. Wright’s thoughts are the most interesting of the two:

“It is unknown to me what forces and powers seek knowledge of its contents. It is my suspicion that the box originates with Josiah Harlan, and contains objects that are obsidian and marked in a cryptic and yet curiously familiar manner.
While Dr. Johnson and perhaps Jahan can supply more details, it seems to me that you might well possess the key to Obsidian and quite possibly some Primal Artifacts.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, Jahan and the Acolyte have both publicly requested that BigMatty give them the box.

Jahan’s message is as follows:


I know that your vision of the future differs from mine. I respect you for that, but know also that in times of upheaval even the most stubborn of enemies have found common ground. The Journals of Obsidius have shown us that members of 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus came together once they understood the power of the Obsidian Shield. Today, the opportunity presents itself once again.

I am willing to provide you with valuable intelligence. Intelligence that many among your Faction would be thrilled to possess. All I ask in return is that you share the contents of the Harlan box with me. I seek detailed images of each Artifact, and I will wish to examine the Artifacts in person in Orlando.

You must make your decision by Sunday. If you wish to accept my offer, post an image of the Resistance Glyph in your Isthmus Google+ Community and state that you accept my offer. I will arrange to have you contacted in private to make the exchange.

Talk amongst your Friends and Faction. I believe your fellow Agents will agree with me: When the stakes are high, we must work together despite our differences.


Meanwhile, The Acolyte’s message is as follows:

I am aware that Jahan has offered something valuable to the Isthmus Agents in exchange for the contents of the box. Surely by now they are wise enough to know that nothing she says can be taken at face value. She seeks only to further herself, to chase her own destiny, to forge a path that would imperil the rich and beautiful future promised to us by Our Friends.

I too will offer a gift to these loyal and wise Agents. What I can share is not as valuable as the information that I believe Jahan possesses, but I will give it to them with an open heart in exchange for access to the Artifacts in Vienna and detailed information about them now.

The N’zeer would rob us of our journey into the Ultimate. The Obsidian Shield is our best chance to preserve our goal and our vision.

Stand with me, Agents. Post an image of Enlightened Glyph on your Google+ page by Sunday, and I will know that you are truly one with the Enlightenment. I will arrange for you to contacted if you make this wise and principled choice.


Susanna wasn’t the only person in Seattle. Flint Dille, a friend of both the sensitive comic book artist Tycho and Edgar Allan Wright, the founder of Essex, was in Seattle to attend a rendezvous with Wright. However, things went rapidly awry as the meeting went south, Wright fled the scene and the documents related to the meeting were scattered into pieces and Agents participating in the GORUCK Stealth OPS event that night were tasked with discovering and assembling the pieces of that document.

FG Lore Update Seattle 2FG Lore Update Seattle 3

The document was released, showing Hank and Jahan speaking. Hank seemingly is worried about both her and the Acolyte’s missions to activate the Obsidian Shield:


With the Anomalies over, the Enlightened are in control. As H. Richard Loeb (P.A Chapeau) said:

In the days that follow, I’ll be trying to figure out what lies ahead for Jahan, the Acolyte and their Factions. If Jahan is on the back foot after the Enlightened’s success this weekend, what will she do? Are they actually prepared to deal with the consequences of pursuing the Obsidian Shield technology?

#Obsidian has begun….

Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age – none of these things matter here. To potentially dig down the rabbit hole, join us at Operation Essex. Keep a close eye at Investigate:Ingress as well as pages of the Niantic Researchers, sensitives and Corporations to learn more. 

Until next time!