The Niantic Investigation-June 2016 Status Update

Hello there and welcome back to Fev Games as we explore the Niantic Investigation in 2016. So what’s the most important thing or things that you need to know in order to jump in?


Well, at the end of the previous update, we had reported that the first Aegis Nova anomalies had ended and Klue hadn’t been heard from, following the use of intel within her mind to attack ADA.


Shortly afterwards, Hank Johnson had tried to reach out and speak to Klue but the Acolyte told him that it wasn’t currently possible to do so.


Meanwhile, news had emerged regarding the discovery of a body in Brooklyn. This was shortly after Susanna Moyer had met her father Nigel, who had gone into hiding to protect the research he had done on the powerful Aegis Nova shield. Many had begun to suspect that Nigel himself was the body and that he had died. Susanna had shared her thoughts on what happened, revealing that she was the possessor of the only means to obtain the research.



However, only days later would a transcripted conversation reveal the truth: Antoine Smith, leader of Strategic Explorations and Anti-Magnus member, was ordered by Jahan to kidnap Nigel and extract the intel. His interrogation methods resulted in Nigel’s demise. Regardless, Jahan moved forward, attempting to leverage a theory written by XM Researcher Akira Tsukasa(who will emerge in Tokyo for the XM Anomaly there) in order to gain access to Nigel’s knowledge despite his death. She would require the assistance of the Resistance to control the anomalies to succeed in this goal.


Akira, who was responsible for the creation of Ingress on Android Wear and helped develop the SoftBank Ultra Link, was reported having collaborated with an eastern divison of IQTech to create a brand new XM Detection Vehicle: NL-PRIME, set for deployment during the Tokyo Anomaly. There are rumors as well that she has been testing XM on herself in an attempt to study the effects on the human body.



Despite their best efforts, the Enlightened rallied to claim the next wave of XM anomalies. As a result, Jahan was unable to gain Nigel’s knowledge. She now can only hope for one thing: A Resistance victory in Tokyo to stop the Acolyte and Roland Jarvis from wielding their new weapon against ADA.


All roads lead to Tokyo…the end is near. 


Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age – none of these things matter here. To potentially dig down the rabbit hole, join us at Operation Essex. Keep a close eye at Investigate:Ingress as well as pages of the Niantic Researchers, sensitives and Corporations to learn more.