The Niantic Investigation: Nov. 2015 Status Update

Hello and welcome back to Fev Games as we continue our look into the Niantic Investigation for November 2015.

So what’s been going on? What do you need to know in order to jump in?
Well, the biggest things to happen this month were the Abaddon Anomalies in New Taipei City, Hamburg and New Orleans. 

At stake in this round were the destinies of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe in New Taipei, Victor Kureze in Hamburg and Martin Schubert in New Orleans: 


In New Taipei, the Enlightened succeeded in controlling Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, the creator of the Ingress Scanner. After the dust had settled, he had a message for the Global Enlightened.


“His message also seems to reveal what the Enlightened could hope to gain in Abaddon: To return the patterns of the researchers to human form. But what if they fail? Will they remain in the Portal Network… or something else?”


In Hamburg, the Resistance were victorious, controlling the pattern of Victor Kureze, the physicist who died in the Niantic Lab on April 21st, 2013. Investigator Klue was present on the ground, seeking a missing page of the Vision Journal of the deceased Carrie Campbell, the language expert who unraveled the Shaper Glyphs Language. After some time passed, we gained access to the full page:

“Unlike the other pages, this one does not seem to focus on a single Glyph. In addition, there seems to be a variety of colliding ideas. Some kind of map? A symbol of some kind? And what are the scrawled patterns on the right? Some analysts have suggested that Carrie’s explorations in this vision could have been what led her to Chicago during Operation Cassandra.” 

You can see the full image and its discussion here:

Hank Johnson and Susanna Moyer were present in New Orleans, where the Resistance controlled the pattern of Dr. Martin Schubert, the skeptic of Niantic who slowly became a believer after its end. Hank had been searching for pages of a missing manuscript by sensitive author Robert E. Howard. The manuscript was discovered to have been slightly altered by Howard’s colleague H.P Lovecraft.

You can see the full pages and its corresponding discussion here:

With the anomalies over, the Resistance are in the lead, with a total of 9 points vs the Enlightened’s 4. 


Finally, Agents across the world assembled a mysterious story possibly written by the sensitive author Felicia Hajra-Lee, depicting what appears to be an attempt by Jahan to capture a powerful Prime Object. (Link 1:, Link 2:


So, that’s what has been happening in the world of Ingress in November. #Abaddon is coming to a close….. 

Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age – none of these things matter here. To potentially dig down the rabbit hole, join us at Operation Essex. Keep a close eye at the Niantic Project G+ as well as pages of the Niantic Researchers, sensitives and Corporations to learn more. 


Until next time!