The Niantic Investigation: Oct. 2016 Lore Update

Hello there and welcome back to Fev Games as we explore the Niantic Investigation in 2016. So what’s the most important thing or things that you need to know in order to jump in?


Well, following the end of Via Lux, the woman named KodamaSmiles began to report on her Investigation into the vanishing of Susanna Moyer. She began to question all sorts of possibilities, grabbing the attention of both H. Richard Loeb and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. She continues to dig for answers to this day, alluding to the idea that Susanna might have had another objective instead of chasing down Jahan for revenge.

She was right.



Slowly, throughout the month, mysterious messages began to emerge within the Portal Network…with the help of willing Agents around the world we were able to uncover a document that showed Susanna Moyer moving to accomplish a different objective. Turns out she had everyone fooled and instead had a meeting with the Acolyte at her compound….where she learned the truth of Klue’s status and was given a request: To take Klue along with her on her journey.



Meanwhile, Niantic Labs had released a video stirring up the possibilities of what the stakes are in Via Noir. We seemingly now know that there is an ancient weapon that could be tied to the research of Susanna’s late father, Nigel. This weapon is called the “Tecthullu” and could be related to the stories of HP Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard…



Finally, members at Project Isthmus had obtained a special dead drop in Seattle…a series of ripped and torn pages. The mysteries within are still being unlocked even as we speak.

The calm before the storm….Via Noir approaches. 



Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age – none of these things matter here. To potentially dig down the rabbit hole, join us at Operation Essex. Keep a close eye at Investigate:Ingress as well as pages of the Niantic Researchers, sensitives and Corporations to learn more.