The Niantic Project Files – Volume IV Book Released!

Volume 4 of The Niantic Project Files book series has been released (possibly since the 21st)! Check out links to purchase and the press release below.


You can purchase your own copy of Volume 4 from the following sources:


Press Release:

Today Niantic, developers behind Real World mobile game Ingress and the highly-anticipated Pokemon GO, just launched the fourth volume in its long-running ARG book series, Ingress: The Niantic Project Files.


 Originally launched online on November 1, 2012, Ingress: The Niantic Project ARG functions as living fiction and actively adapts to the actions of real-world Agents (members of the Ingress player community), who define the flow of it story through events and anomalies that happen in the real-world.


 With new content and puzzles going live every day since the ARG’s launch, over 1,100 unique pieces of content (i.e. videos, artwork, novels, prose, social posts) and 3,500 cryptographic puzzles for players to decipher to-date, the Ingress: Niantic Project ARG has garnered a passionate and involved following since its inception.


 As the fourth volume in the official guide to Ingress’ in-game lore, Ingress: The Niantic Project Files Volume 4 follows the adventures of Hank Johnson in his journey back to the 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan. Johnson’s subsequent capture leaves the fate of several Ingress characters a mystery, setting the stage for the events in Ingress: The Niantic Project Files Volume 4 to have far-reaching consequences for all 13 of the original Niantic Investigators.