Toasty Weekend

Toast and his glyph friends have come back for the weekend Agents! Are you excited for your scanner to get toasty? I know i am! Toast Toast Toasty Toast!


Event Details

Normally Toast and his glyphs visit us during some April fools fun but Researchers have discovered a new Toasty XM Event that is happening right now! This warm buttery event is suppose to go from Thursday, 24 February, 17:00 UTC to Monday, 28 February, 17:00 UTC. Toast is quite crispy with his love and has added a few changes that will last during this warm weekend!

  • Glyph sequences filled with Toast! And to our surprise Toast has pulled in the love, and has included it into some new sequences!
  • Double Glyph bonus AP
  • Double Glyph hack bonus output
  • 10min Drone cooldown. Get all the Toasty Drone glyphs you can get!



The voices of the Toasty following have been heard! Our beloved, screaming, Toast now has a festive Medal Available in the In App store for his cult , i mean Fans, to display on their Agent profile! It is only 2,500 CMU and available until the event ends!


Toasty Extras

Toast always likes to bring a couple extra toppings for Agents!


Share your delicious meal by putting Toast everywhere!

BOGO Fracker 10-pack (28,800 CMU)

Bread certainly needs help to become the amazing toast we love! Put these frackers on some portals to get Toasty!


Roasty Toasty New Sequences

Toast brought in the Love! When we have a list of the new sequences we will list them here.


Last but not least the NIA Researchers have a task for you!

Some have it with honey, some have it with jam. Our researchers believe it goes best with NOURISH HUMAN and want to hear your favorite Toast Glyph Sequence. Share it with us publicly on the Ingress Community Forum or Twitter during the event period with the hashtags #Ingress #IngressToast and if your post is selected, you might get a small surprise!


If you plan on participating in this Toasty Event Agents, please be aware of your local areas health and safety guidelines. We can’t wait to see the wonderful Toast adventures you have this weekend! Share them on social media. Now time to go off and get us some Toasty Sequences!


Featured images belong and were created by Niantic.