Top 10 games played outside Ingress

A few months ago, I posted a survey asking a few questions about what other gaming folks do outside of Ingress and their interest in Endgame. Today, I am pleased to release the results of this survey!


Were you a gamer prior to Ingress?

About what I expected. Most Agents I run into have some sort of gaming history, though there is most certainly that small subset that would have never tried a video game prior to picking up their scanner.



What games do you play outside Ingress currently?

This turned out to be an interesting question. 90.74% of the people that answered the survey mentioned they were gamers prior to Ingress, though only 62.96% listed games they play outside of Ingress.


And now for your Top 10 games played outside Ingress!


1) Clash of Clans


2) Minecraft


3) Sid Meier’s Civilization 5


4) Battlefield 4


5) Counter Strike: Global Offensive


6) Destiny


7) Fallout: New Vegas


8) World of Warcraft


9) Diablo III


10) Skyrim



Runner up games:

Brave Frontier
Call of Duty series
Assassins Creed series
Guild Wars 2
Last of us
League of Legends
Pokemon series
Starcraft II


Will you be playing Niantic’s Endgame?

This final question also came to be a bit of a shock. The general feeling I get from other Ingress players has always been negative when I bring up Endgame. On Behind The Scanner: Ep 14, guests Kelley Riebel and Brandon Downey were borderline offended when asked about Endgame, and demanded a new/better question.

The numbers from the survey certainly paint a different picture, saying that 83.33% would play Endgame.

graph (1)