Upcoming Events in Ingress

Halloween is just around the corner and along with it is a few things to look forward to in Ingress! These will be the first events, outside of IFS, that we have seen in Ingress since the Tessellation event.

Trek-or-Treat Weekend

Some temporary changes are predicted to be coming to our scanners for the upcoming weekend! Researchers have been able to recognize that from Friday, October 30th 16:00 UTC to Monday, November 2nd 17:00 UTC, the following will be in effect;

  • Drone cooldown will be reduced to every 10 minutes
  • 2X AP for hacking ENEMY portals, deploying 8th resonator slot, and glyphing (Yay glyphs! GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE)
  • Kinetic Capsule distance will be reduced to 4 km.
  • 2X hack output of resonators and power cubes.

Please Note: For the reduced 4 km to take effect, you must activate your kinetic capsule program during the event. The reduced km will not be applied to any programs in process before the event start time. A more detailed response on how this will work can be found here on the forums post. You can also find details about how the kinetic capsule works in our Ingress guide.

Along with this event you can pick up a FREE treat in the store when the event starts!

The Trek-or-Treat Bundle (0 CMU)

  • APEX x1
  • 5x agent level XMP burster
  • 3x common multi-hack


All Hallows’ Eve Medal (2,500 CMU)

A surprise medal has been added just for this time period as well! Get it while you can agents!

The Eos Protocol

Niantic has also done an update on the future of live events that you can read here. In this post it was revealed that the Niantic project researchers are looking into a mysterious Tabula Rasa incident, that may give us some insight on what is happening with the current state of the Nemesis sequence that was put on hold. The Eos Protocol seems to be a 3-stage competitive event that should span between November to December, ending with one faction winning. Currently we only have the names of these phases that give us a general idea of what to expect.

Phase 1: “Light Up the Portal Network”

Phase 2: “See with New Eyes”

Phase 3: “Capture Their Minds”

When more details are released on these phases, we will update this post.

We encourage all agents, that are able to participate in these events, to do so within their local areas restrictions, health and safety guidelines or laws when playing Ingress. These events can and should be enjoyed safely.

The featured image used was created and is owned by Niantic