Vanguard Medals Live!

The medals from the Year 3 announcement of Ingress have begun showing up on scanners!

Shown below are the respective Medal for each tier. As you can notice the border changes among the tiers. With Platinum & Onyx rocking a slightly different border than Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze (L3+) Silver (L9+) Gold (L13+) Platinum (L15+) Black (L16)



Q: Why is my medal wrong?
A: The “push” is ongoing. Try restarting application / “force sync” in settings to resolve this.

Q: Help!!! I don’t have the badge yet.
A: Were you at least above L3 (to claim Bronze) badge?

Q: What level earned which badge?

Minimum Level Badge
Level 3 Bronze
Level 9  Silver
Level 13  Gold
Level 15  Platinum
Level 16  Onyx