Vesak Day

Hello Agents! Today starts the Vesak Day weekend Ingress event! Vesak in the the day of the Full moon in the month of May and is a sacred day fot Buddists around the world! Vesak is technically on monday but Niantic Researchers have noted that there seems to be a change happening within the scanner throughout this weekend!


Event Details


It is time to JOURNEY INSIDE and DISCOVER PEACE. Our Researchers expect to see potential XM fluctuations caused by the self-reflection of Ingress Agents. Share an Ingress Story about acts of kindness, patience, generosity, or compassion with the hashtag #IngressVesak.

This Vesak xm event seems to have started today, Thursday, 12 May, 16:00 UTC and will last until Monday, 16 May, 16:00 UTC. The following changes will be seen within the scanner for the durations of the event!

  • Links shorter than 8km in length can be created under Fields (all other preconditions still apply)
  • Total AP for deploying the 8th (last) Resonator increased from 375 AP to 875 AP
  • 2X Link Amp output from Hacking
  • Increased ADA Refactor and JARVIS Virus output from Hacking
  • Temporary Kinetic Capsule Programs made available:
  • 1x JARVIS Virus Program: 1x ADA Refactor + 16x L4+ XMP Bursters + 4000 XM
  • 1x ADA Refactor Program: 1x JARVIS Virus + 16x L4+ XMP Bursters + 4000 XM
  • 8x L8 Resonators Program: 40x L4+ Resonators + 4000 XM
  • 8-minute Drone cooldown

Vesak Day 2022 Medal

To commemorate Vesak a new in game medal can be purchased for the duration of the event! This Medal will be only available for a limited time and is 2500 CMU in the In App store.

Special Bundle

For the first time ever, ADA Refactor and JARVIS Virus can also be purchased in a limited time bundle in the In App store. For 3000 CMU, you can get 1 ADA and 1 Jarvis together and as far as it can be seen, there is not a limit to how many you can purchase. This bundle is perfect for anyone using the Temporary Kinetic Capsule Programs for the duration of the event.


Agents, like always, if you choose to participate in this weekends events, please remember to follow your areas health and safety guidelines.