Via Lux Adventurer Medal

Today, the Ingress G+ released a post detailing a new challenge for Agents worldwide. The full post can be seen here.

The challenge is this:

Visit 300 new unique portals during the month of September to earn the Via Lux Adventurer medal. This medal will serve as a celebration of the experiences you found along the way.

However, if you become one of the top 25% of Agents to go beyond that threshold, you “will instead earn a special version of the medal: The Lux Odyssey… a permanent testament to your epic voyage.” 

The challenge starts on Sept. 1st and will go on for the rest of the month. Of course, there were questions. So we collected the Q/A from the thread and tabulated it here for everyone.



Questions and Answers

Q: Could you please clarify if this is a special variant of the Via Lux Anomaly Medal, or will it be a 2nd medal alongside the Via Lux Anomaly medal? [Gene C]
A: This is a medal unrelated to Anomaly participation. It is a stand-alone medal.


Q: Will this be tracked fully automatic? [Thoren Gö]
A: Fully automatic.


Q: Unique Visits for the month or lifetime? [John Paul Kruszewski]
A: 300 new unique visits for the time frame specified.


Q: Are those ‘top 25%’ measured by their AP or by UPVs in September? [Moritz Forche]
A: UPV for the time frame specified. 


Q: Will this start counting from round one of Via Lux which we had previous weekend? Or do you only award players for round two? [Hakan Gül]
A: Only the time frame specified in the post.


To reiterate the time frame is Sept 1st 00:01:00 UTC and ending Sept 30th at 23:59:00 UTC.