Virtual IFS Featured Artist- December 2020

It is the last month of the year and everyone is enjoying the last VIFS of 2020! Not to worry though, we have plenty of future events to come and another round of artwork submissions! This month our featured artist is Chics, from Toluca, Mexico. 

Agent Name 



Two times recursed

How long have you been playing?
Since the beginning of 2013

What inspired you to submit your piece to the contest?
I was very excited when I saw the designs made by other agents inside Ingress, I remember having said: I want my design inside Ingress too!!
This is an excellent reward for me but mainly for the Ingress community to which I belong in Mexico and some friends around the world, they encouraged me to participate in the contest, thank you guys!

Is there anything about your artwork you want people to know?
I took the photo of my design when I was playing the Abaddon Prime Anomaly in Chicago, the moment I saw it I knew I would use it for something related to Ingress; the duality of classic and modern buildings, the people crossing the street like they’re on a mission to something, the depth with buildings on both sides, the sun making everything shine… I love this photo!

Is there a website where people can see your artwork or other artwork you like to show?
I have my Instagram account where I post my photos and designs. Follow me! I like to make new friends 🙂

Are there any details you would like to share about your craft?
Since I was a kid I have always liked to draw lines and symmetrical things, digital art has helped me bring those ideas to life. I make almost all my designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Do you plan to make swag of it?
Yes, a set of biocards that when put all together will form the image of my design. If you’re interested please contact me by Instagram or Telegram @MrChics

Is it ok if agents use your image in their Virtual IFS Group photos?
Nothing will make me more happy than that!
That means: YES, OF COURSE!
Let me know if you need my help to re arrange the elements of my design.

Agents, i hope you will get a chance to get this wonderful media in your scanners! You can obtain it by participating and redeeming a VIFS passcode this weekend! Thank you so much to Chics for participating and sharing this amazng artwork with us, along with doing this interview. I may have to get myself a couple of these biocards mentioned. Agents, if you are interested in getting your artwork featured, please participate in our current ingress artwork competition. As always, have an amazing IFS weekend!

Please be mindful not to use this artwork(s) used in this post without permission of the artist. Thank you and we hope you participate in future IFS art competitions!