Virtual NL-1331 Meetup and New Glyphs!

Happy April fools day everyone! Every year, around this time, Niantic brings us something fun and this year not only has Toast returned for a little reunion but so has a little NL-1331X Avatar van and list of new glyphs with new sequences!

Virtual NL-1331 Meetup Event

Hurry, quick, Agents! Log in to get to see this adorable NL-1331X Avatar on your scanner. This cute little bugger even has a horn that honks when you tap it! Niantic shared on the 31st, on the ingress forums, that this little thing was going to roll out with a nice perk! Not only will this little NL display your faction colors but if you Glyph Hack or Recharge a Portal in the time that it is active you will get one tick added to your NL-1331 Meetups medal. This will only happen once. On top of this Niantic has also provided some pretty amazing wallpapers of this guy that you can find on their forums post!


New Glyphs!

Just like last year, toast came back for a little visit but it brought some friends that are perfect for this event!

There are quite a few new sequences out at this time that came with NL specific sequences. We are still trying to gather all of the sequences out there but at this time, this is the list we have of the current New sequences, not including Toast as Toasts sequences are known from last year.

1 Glyph Sequences

  • N

We are seeing a lot more of Key, Journey, and Distance at this time as well.

2 Glyph Sequences

  • Safety Together
  • Avoid Chaos
  • Discover Path
  • Use Key

3 Glyph Sequences

  • Begin New Journey
  • See N L
  • Pursue More Mystery
  • Repair All Live-Again
  • Help Clear Barrier

4 Glyph Sequences

  • Now You All Star
  • Follow Path See Nature
  • More Journey Less Destination
  • Lose Key Contemplate Future

5 Glyph Sequences

  • Adapt Create New Future Together
  • You See N L Again
  • See N L Pure Perfection
  • Want 1 3 3 1


Again, we are still gathering sequences so if you have screenshots of new sequences feel free to message Ishira on tg or any of her social medias with them!  Thank you to the Glyph Journal Glyphers and all of the Agents that submitted these sequences so quickly so we could record them all!

Both the NL-1331X  Avatar and its glyphs are temporary and expected to leave the scanner April 2nd. But fear not agents, if you’ve missed the chance to have fun with this mini NL it should become available to purchase after the 2nd through the Agent Avatar screen on your scanner!