Virtual NL-1331X Meetup 2021

Hello Agents! Niantic announced today a new virtual event coming to us at the end of the month! It is November Limas (NL-1331) 7th year since it embarked on its adventures into the world! These vehicles have been to many places, gathering many agents together with the occasional picture of an agent laying down in front of it like it has claimed another victim. To honor these meetups in this time, it seems researchers have been tuning the Scanner app to a XM frequency that will allow them to host a Virtual meeting from Tuesday, March 30th 4PM UTC to Thursday, April 1st 4PM UTC.

Event Changes

These following changes will be live during the duration of this Virtual Meeting!

  • Successfully Glyph hacking (Drone Glyph hacks included) any Portal will mark your attendance at this Virtual Meetup and advance the NL-1331 Meetups Medal by one.
  • The default yellow Prime Avatar will be temporarily replaced with the NL-1331X Avatar. (The NL-1331X Avatar will only replace the default yellow Prime Avatar; if you have already selected a custom Avatar, then your selected Avatar will not change.)
  • Glyph hack sequences influenced by NL-1331 will temporarily return — can you discover all of them?


NL-1331 Birthday Kit

If you did not get a chance to get the first Birthday kit, Niantic is creating another one! They would also like to thank everyone for the support in the first one.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and interest in the 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit. As a direct result of Agents’ interest in this special Kit, we’re working on restocking a new 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit (2.0) and anticipate having them on the Niantic Shop as early as next week. Kindly note that some of the contents will differ from the first edition 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit.

NL-1331 Birthday Kit (2.0) 

1 *New* NL-1331 2021 fleet card and medal code

1 2019 Stein Lightman card and medal code

1 2019 Misty Hannah card and medal code

1 2015 ADA card and medal code

1 2019 NL-1331X Cherry Blossom pin

1 2017 EXO 5 lapel pin

1 Mobile Command Center patch

1 NL-1331 Global patch

1 NL-1331X sticker sheet

2 retro VR Load Out cards

Price $25 (shipping in the US only)

You can purchase this on the Niantic Shop when it becomes available but you may have to act quickly to get it! Agents voices have been heard and a limit (25 packs per order) has been put on these items.


NL-1331 Glyph Sequences

Like the first Virtual NL-1331 Meet up this one should have glyph sequences as well. If you are interested in seeing the past sequences you can find them on our post for that event! We will be keeping track of which sequences are recorded and updating the lists here! If you find a sequence not listed feel free to message @Ishira on telegram or tag me in any of your social medias!

Previous NL-3113 Glyphs looked like this;


1 Glyph Sequences

2 Glyph Sequences

3 Glyph Sequences

4 Glyph Sequences

5 Glyph Sequences


Last but not least, if you have any fun or special memories with NL-1331X, share it on social media with the #NL1331X hashtag! As always, happy glyphing everyone!