Week 14 – Challenge 5 – Dangerous

Challenge page : http://www.ancientsocieties.com/dangerous/

The challenge text says #clue.

The right curtain has been edited with some white lines :


Count the lines and take note of their positions in the ellipses, you will get :

Middle 6
Right 6
Left 6
Left 3
Middle 3
Left 7
Right 5
Middle 8
Left 6
Middle 3

# is a clue for a mobile phone keypad, you can find letters on each key


Use the appropriate letter from the number keys.

For exampe, key 3 has DEF letters, Left 3, its a d !

The final word is nomdeplume

It’s 3 french words, meaning pseudonym.

The solution page is http://stl.la/nomdeplume, this page is redirected to http://www.ancientsocieties.com/horrible-effect/