Week 14 – Challenge 1 – Bestowed

Challenge page : http://www.ancientsocieties.com/bestowed/

Supongo que debería contar mis bendiciones …

(English translation: I guess I should count my blessings).

paneles laterales  (side panels)

luz blanca (white light)

luces amarillas (yellow lights)

luz blanca (white light)

respiraderos del techo (roof vents)

paneles traseros  (rear panels)

Stella provides us challenges that usually range from fairly simple on Mondays to difficult on Fridays.  We are also provided a challenge on Saturday that combines the puzzles for the week, which need to be solved previously in order to complete and always encompass a theme.

Given that this is a Monday puzzle the theme is unknown so far.  Playing on Stella’s words “count” your blessing it appears clear that we will need to count the items she has pointed out.

There are 6 items and should be 6 numbers

For luz, it’s easy as in spanish, plural would be luces, so 1 for each

You will get a number such : *1*1**

The number of lateral panels can be tricky but with deductive reason can conclude not to count both sides and only what we can see, which is 6 panels. (61*1**)   Continuing on we see 3 yellow lights, 4 roof vents and 5 rear panels.

This is the final number you need to get is 613145.

Now you need to find the correct cypher/code to convert these numbers into a 6 letters word. Converting the number directly to the alphabet letter they correspond with with we can conclude the following – 1=A, 2=B, 3=C

This leads to the final answer : facade

To solve Stella’s puzzles you must enter your keyword after the shortlink stl.la/

Type http://stl.la/facade and you will be directed to http://www.ancientsocieties.com/cataclysm/

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