Week 15 – Challenge 5 – Crib

Challenge page : http://www.ancientsocieties.com/crib/

The challenge text says Architect (full).

There are 3 strange things on that picture :

  1. At the bottom left a 5 boxers blade
  2. A wizard shape thru the window
  3. Yellow and Pink colored sprayed lines

The 5 boxers and the wizard make me think of a know pangram  (wikipedia, Some Pangrams):
The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

Looking at the paintings, we can see they have starting points and ending points on the panels.

There are 26 panels as the letters of the alphabet.

A pangram is using the 26 letters of the alphabets at least… Lets make a little superimposition… And follow the beautiful paintings…


Following the 4 paths, we get :

Yellow paths : desert eouse

Pink paths : joshua taee

That’s quite : desert house joshua tree

Googleing that gives us this link :

And we can find the full name of the Architect as said in the Challenge text :

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

The solution is kendrickbangskellogg

The solution page is http://stl.la/kendrickbangskellogg, this page is redirected to http://www.ancientsocieties.com/under-construction/