Week 23 – Day 3 Challenge – Chandelier

Challenge page : http://www.ancientsocieties.com/chandelier/

The is no Challenge text, only a picture of a big blue modern chandelier with some coordinates.

36°09′51″N 51°55′23″E
34°42′33″N 95°39′41″W
25°21′23″N 60°50′52″E
50°58′49″N 02°44′54″E
44°21′N 9°24′E

Searching with Google Maps won’t help as much as searching with Google Search.

The research will make you discover small towns with 2 letters names.

36°09′51″N 51°55′23″E : Il in Iran
34°42′33″N 95°39′41″W : Ti in Oklahoma USA
25°21′23″N 60°50′52″E : Gu in Iran
50°58′49″N 02°44′54″E : Lo in Belgium
44°21′N 9°24′E : Ne in Italy

Using an anagram solver like http://anagram-solver.net/ with these letters or changing simply the order of the groups of letters : IL TI GU LO NE will give you the answer.

The solution is GUILLOTINE

The solution page is http://stl.la/GUILLOTINE, this page is redirected to http://www.ancientsocieties.com/guillotine/