Week 26 – Day 5 Challenge – Movie Posters

Challenge page : http://www.ancientsocieties.com/movie-posters/

The Challenge Text says Speak the speech, then the title in ASCII ART

Let’s have a look on the picture given first, we have 7 movie posters :

The Body Stealers

Teenagers from Outer Space

Santa Claus Conquers the martians

It Conquered the World

Journey to the Seventh Planet

The Brain Eaters

Devil Girl From Mars

From the Challenge text, we can list the movies names and speechs, find numbers hidden in the speech, then find a letter in the titles :

Misevents abound! Can Earth survive? 7 : The Body Stealers
Run Before Teens destroy you! 14 : Teenagers from Outer Space
Asinine Martians take Santa! 9 : Santa Claus Conquers the martians
No need to resist 2 : It Conquered the World
No trees only monsters! 3 : Journey to the Seventh Planet
Run for your life! 4 : The Brain Eaters
Too beautiful and deadly! 2 : Devil Girl From Mars

The sequence of letters we found is : youtube

We can also find numbers at the bottom of the posters : 105 080 102 086 089 090 104 080 050 076 073

These are ascii codes for the letters : iPfVYZhP2LI

Last step, combining youtube and iPfVYZhP2LI, we can find a video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPfVYZhP2LI

[spoiler title=”Solution to Week 26 – Day 5 Challenge”]
The Day of the Triffids trailer
The solution is triffids

The solution page is http://www.ancientsocieties.com/triffids/