Week 4, Final Challenge – “Understand”

Challenge posts will always contain spoilers.

It’s the final challenge of Week 4. We can expect a look back on the week ahead. Let’s dive in.

– we snubbed
– reexamined lame
– designated ham
– pill
– integer

We have, presumably, a bulleted list of words/phrases. But are those bullets? They aren’t exactly dashes. In fact, they look more like minus symbols. The question, then, is what are we subtracting?

Let’s look at this week’s answers:

  • asclepius
  • screams
  • joanofarc
  • biased
  • monsters

I don’t know about you, but this is giving me nothing. Let’s try the reward page titles.

  • Between Us
  • Medical Examiner
  • The Damage is Done
  • Liar
  • Greetings

This is it. Immediately, “reexamined lame” matches up to “Medical Examiner”, nearly perfectly, as does “integer” to “Greetings.” They share almost every letter. Almost. This is where those minus symbols come in.

It would only make sense, in the style of math most common, that the reward page titles go on the left of each of the lines, so we get:

  • Between Us – we snubbed
  • Medical examiner – reexamined lame
  • The Damage is Done – designated ham
  • Liar – pill
  • Greetings – integer

If you subtract the letters in the new phrases out of the titles on the left, you are left with:

  • te
  • gs
  • ar
  • oe
  • ic

That’s “tegsaroeic” which is an anagram for “categories.”

stl.la/categories leads to a reward page called “Jake.” If you need to talk it out after finishing that video, I understand.


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