Week 7 – Challenge 3 – Heller

Challenge posts will always contain spoilers

What a quick solve! Compared to yesterday, this one was extra satisfying. Let’s dig in!



[a picture of s’mores]

No, these s’mores aren’t a clue….they’re just delicious. 😉

Click those links! What do we have? The link to the PDF asks for a password, and the stl.la link gives us this image.




So we’ve got the Fonz and a password box. Also we know the password rhymes with Fonzie. Remember we’re talking about hoaxes, scams, and fakes, so the password is “ponzischeme”.  That leads us to a PDF that looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-11-19 15.13.54

Let’s dissect this. This wasn’t common knowledge to me, but apparently that first image is the logo for Patriot Day.  If we’re subtracting, then the next word is probably within the first. If we assume the second image is “riot”, we’re left with “Pat Day”.

The next one is a silver medal. Not sure where to go with this yet.

Last, we have an onion and a hydrogen atom. Or maybe it’s an “ion”? “Onion” – “ion” = “on”.

Let’s go back to the silver medal. We’ve got Pat + ? + on.  “Medallion”? That would require “onion” – “on” and some other interesting jumps. Let’s take a queue from the Hydrogen ion and go elemental. Silver is also known as Ag. That gives us “patagon.”

stl.la/patagon gives us Maya Rose and a ton of new info on Stella Vyctory (!!!), her family, their names, and her birth.

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