Week 7 – Challenge 5 – Consequence

Challenge posts will always contain spoilers

Let’s just jump in.

This Challenge is 99% math-free!




And, to be honest, it is! This is a rebus. Let’s get started.

There are 3 terms here. We have triangle = { X+((heart heart)||(Po, Yellow)), 2(alpha beta – [a bunch of letters]), [some graph] }.

Let’s look at the 2nd term. “alpha beta” is a lot like “alphabet.” And the letters in that grid? They’re all letters but the letter “z.” The alphabet minus all of the letters but “z” is just “z.” So, the second term is 2z.

The last term, and you’re forgiven for not knowing this, is the Lambert W function. Thanks to Joseph Cooper for that one.

So what of that 1st term. To be honest, all I can really say about it is that Po and Yellow are both rivers.

So we’ve got triangle = { something about 2 hearts and 2 rivers, 2z, w }. We also have stl.la/triangle{2,1,3}.

So maybe, stl.la/2z[something about 2 hearts and 2 rivers]w? Or stl.la/zz[something]w? Po and Yellow are rivers in Italy and China. Now, this next part isn’t the best, but there are two hearts and two rivers. Melissa Joan Hart and Joan Rivers share a common name: Joan. This gives us X+joan.

Update: Stella has left a comment on the reward page saying that the two hearts are for Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. This makes much more sense.

Even if we hadn’t solved that 1st term, if we do a find in page for “zz” on the wiki page for famous hoaxes, we get the fake word “zzxjoanw.” That would make triangle = {xjoan,zz,w}. stl.la/{2,1,3} gives stl.la/zzxjoanw.
stl.la/zzxjoanw takes us to Silly Little Worms.


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