What went down in the world of Stella V this week – April 12 – April 18, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

We start the week with a video from Angela Sanning, Robyn’s mother now has a face. Much of the video is her saying hello again and again as she tried to find the right way to say hello.  She finally gets her message across and offers to come and visit, a huge step for someone who suffers from agoraphobia. Robyn is gushing following the video Angela makes, saying she will come to Stella. Stella sees it in the opposite way. So as Robyn is excited her mother took this huge step, Stella plays “Debbie-Downer” and thinks this is all an act. We see a great sister yelling match as Stella proclaims Robyn needs to avoid the truth and grow up. Stella, please start to listen to what you are saying; you have such a gift of twisting things to a very dark place.  Robyn calls it ‘acting like an aggressive person’.  One item that came out, Stella calls Robyn a con artist. Robyn says no, she is a fixer and likes to fix things.  I like that, a fixer of things.  The next day, Robyn makes a guest post sharing a cute little toy (a cootie catcher fortune telling toy) and asking if the futures we had “predicted” in our childhoods had come true. I do hope Robyn makes some more guest appearances on Stella’s blog.


I do not do horror. Watching the Angela’s Dolls video made me think I had stumbled into either a horror film or a porn film (feel free to insert your own comments here). We see, through the eyes of someone, a set of dolls that have been dressed, altered and even “bloodied”. There is strange music playing  (thanks Hugo and Skye for the music find), which builds the atmosphere very well, climaxing (as I said, horror or porn) with a screaming woman, bright lights and then the video cuts out. We realize the woman is Angela and the creepy dolls are representations of current people Stella has been talking about. Is this just therapy or is Angela planning something?


Oh, I am going to faint. Two times this week, the next day’s story piece actually follows up directly on what we saw yesterday. YES, we will actually have a linear story from now on, right? So, as Robyn and Stella talk, Stella starts into her bitch/whine mode and I am getting ready to call out bitter Stella (calling Angela crazy and she is willing to hang around Greg and Nori?). She also is like complete bipolar as yesterday she was saying Angela can come and now, nope. How many times will Stella change her mind? Finally, Stella listens and realizes that she could have been Angela. They use the term 1.0 in a cute reference to software terms, which serves to remind us, WHERE IS THE BETA APP? But Beta aside, it is, I hope, a break-thru moment for Stella and perhaps she will realize that there is more to this. Kudos also to Robyn for being persistent and keeping at Stella. Also, I really like the word play, “Wayland gave you power, Pramik took hers away”; an interesting difference between Pramik and Wayland. Was Pramik 1.0 too?


“Be the Best You Can Be” oh it is an ad for the United States Marines, oh, no, sorry. It is an advertisement for some mystery program, Potentia. Just send 25 American dollars to some wacko, erm, trustable person, Dr. Marius Drach and you too can unlock the secrets. In America, we have these things called Infomercials. They were really popular in the 1980s. You would sit up at 3am flipping through channels and these odd people would sell odd things,  These people were in la-la crazy land, but treated it as very serious. As I read the Potentia article, I was transported back to my sleepless infomercial days.


We end the week with Mu. Nori is going to Japan for a while and left Stella a story translated from an old Mu Tablet. What does it mean? The post is titled “More Than Us”, and many are speculating this is a veiled reference to what Stella might be or even beginning again to pull more book lore in and could be a reference to Keplers or [insert your own speculation here]. For now, it remains, as does much of what Stella shares, a burning mystery (better go get some creme for that).

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –   Angela Sanning reaches out to Stella and wants to come and visit.
  • Tuesday –  Robyn and Stella discuss Angela’s video and the potential of her coming to visit. Stella calls Robyn a con artist as Robyn insists she is just trying to get Stella and Angela together. Robyn and Stella work through the disagreement and Stella agrees Angela can come.
  • Wednesday –  Robyn does a guest post, sharing a “toy” from childhood, a Cootie catcher and asks about how the future has turned out. We see a peek inside Angela’s house and a set of dolls she has dressed up to look like Stella and others. Who was filming that video and what is his/her intention?
  • Thursday –  Robyn and Stella discuss the Angela Dolls video and Robyn tells Stella that Angela and Stella were very similar in being indoctrinated. Angela was a failed attempt.
  • Friday –   A newspaper clipping sharing a small advertisement for a program that can unlock a person’s Potentia. Who is Dr. Marius Drach?
  • Saturday –  Nori is headed back to Japan for a while and sent Stella poem/story translated from an old Mu tablet. What does it mean?