What went down in the world of Stella V this week – April 19 – April 25, 2015

Stella V

We start the week with another artifact, a Donghu flask with a cute little flower.  And then in terms of story we get… well, just the picture of the flask. Ok… on to Tuesday. An article from the local Elgin, Texas paper contains an interview with  astronaut Karen Maddox who is expecting. The article chats about her working on decorating the nursery, how it feels to have a little person inside, and how she lost contact with ground control for almost a minute.  This is where the soap opera, conspiracy theorists are enticed to jump down the path that Karen was somehow contacted in space by an alien and maybe even was impregnated. Ahhh, it feels so good to wild speculate and run down the halls of complete unbelievability.  There have been quiet murmurs in the story chats that Stella might be part Kepler or some such thing; this article is like adding gasoline to a smoldering fire allowing people to jump with completely-crazy-story-plot-twist joy. Stella’s Ancient Societies is definitely giving the telenovela genre a run for its money.   Karen ends the interview with a comment about seeing some things from space you can not see here on Earth, secrets buried here on Earth, and that she will be digging up what’s right beneath our feet (is this a sly reference/connection to the weird pyramid Greg Jordan found last week that has been buried). All in all, it’s just a simple article about a former NASA astronaut, expecting a potential alien baby, who is planning on going around digging up things no one else can see, AKA just your average Stella Tuesday.


Grams and Harrigan, is a NYPD (New York Police Department) report filed by detectives Grams and Harrigan. Filed June 2, 1982, the shared report details a potential cult operating in New York City (NYC) out of a basement. The investigators do not find any people, but there is a hidden access way to a basement filled with medical beds stained with blood, straps, pill bottles, clipboards and empty file cabinets.  Considering how expensive rent is in the City, I can totally see someone having a room full of beds, more roommates means lower rent, right?  And those pesky straps, I am sure they were just concerned with everyone’s safety.  Empty pill bottles, well they make great holders for change, right? As to the electrical noises, screams, brainwashing innocent teens and blood stains, well, ok fine, I got nothing for that. They were just a bunch of wackos preying on innocent teens and minds (and why am I suddenly feeling like this sounds like a description for the next series coming from HBO/Showtime? Thinking Penny Dreadful meets Gangs of New York  with a dash of Vampire Diaries thrown in).


The cult theme continues with an article written September 28, 1968 about a cult in Olema, California, USA. The Church of Nimussi has a 40 acre compound in Olema. The leader, Savina Crayton, is a recluse who likes to travel in a limousine and travels with many acolytes (sounds like many rock stars who travel around with their groupies). Callista Camberwell, an ex-cultist, decides to tell all (wonder how much she got for the book deal rights). Apparently this cult works the same way as many video games. People obtain Degrees to achieve the end goal of enlightenment. Each level gives additional skills and rewards such as trips to the Vault. People give money to the cult and get in-game rewards and inventory and can buy their way to higher Nimussian Degrees (hey, did they sneak in a description for the upcoming Endgame app????). The article ends showcasing the true capitalist nature of many (but not all of us) Americans as the town officials are happy and not worried about the compound as the cult spends lots of money and pays lots of taxes.


An audio from a group we have heard from before gives Stella a warning. They do not like her playing in the sandbox with Nori Ko and with Nori’s toys. If Stella stops and helps to neutralize said thief, the mysterious group will graciously protect her from the corrupted.  All I have to say on this is… Really?  I mean… really? Like seriously, really?  After all that has happened and we have been through, Stella is just going to clap her hands to her face in the classic Home Alone gesture  and run like a helpless maiden to these odd people who make audios that sound like, to quote another person, a cheesy infomercial (thanks Vick Q for the very appropriate analogy).  Really? On the other hand, who are the uncorrupted this group plans on saving Stella from?


We end the week with another Greg Jordan meme. I admit these memes are growing on me, just like a fungus or a rash. Just kidding, although they really do communicate a lot without many words (unlike a certain Stella Story recap writer…). Greg is off to the Pacific Ocean, chasing another energy concentrator (E.C.). This time he is looking for the Mu E.C. and is following Nori Ko.  Greg asks for luck as Nori is not a fan. This is a reference to the fact that earlier documents indicated that Greg was all stalkerish on Nori Ko. Is this where we call up the old saying, “All’s fair in love and war”??????


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  Stella shares another artifact, a Donghu flask.
  • Tuesday –  Article from the local Elgin, Texas paper about astronaut Karen Maddox who is expecting. The article chats about her losing contact with ground control and what she plans on doing next.
  • Wednesday –  A 1982 NYPD police report about a potential cult. No one was found, but evidence left behind included blood-stained medical beds and pill bottles.
  • Thursday –  The year is 1968 and the Nissumi Church has a compound in Olema California. What exactly is this group, and their leader, Savina Crayton, doing?
  • Friday –   An audio from a group warning Stella about her recent contact with Nori Ko and the artifact. They want Stella to stop what she is doing, or else.
  • Saturday –  Greg Jordan is following Nori Ko to somewhere in the Pacific Ocean searching for the location of a  potential Mu energy concentrator (E.C.).