What went down in the world of Stella V this week – April 26 – May 2, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


A shorter recap this week, never fear, my wordy ways will be back next week 😉

You know, I am going to keep track of just how many pop culture riffs Robyn can smush into one sentence. This sentence has three (one of my favorites from her blog post), “Barbie’s Silence of the Lambs Playhouse”. One of these days I will make a list of all the references she spouts, some day, honest (Pop culture count for her article this week, somewhere around 6). But Pop-Culturing aside, Robyn takes a moment to explain her mother’s activity. An interesting side tidbit, that could be red herring (I eat a lot of that in this ARG, keep the fishy stuff coming Stella, you’ll solve world hunger yet), but the name of Angela’s therapist is Dr. Drake. No, not this Dr. Drake, but perhaps it is a reference to the Drach mentioned earlier.


RIMA is a cryptic text message about dry cleaning. I guess Stella likes her clothes to look good. No, wait, this is from some phone labeled RIMA and it is about the suit being pressed. Could this be code for… Pinstripe AKA John Threadgill? If so, the no permanent stains, does this mean he is still alive?  Is there still hope for Pinstripe?  Airport Blues  is a kinda boardline icky, eerie, voyeuristic dip into human curiosity.  It is an instagram from biz4fun601 (which is an actual account, not much there, but in the world of an ARG start learning to check all accounts, names and any links, you never know what you might find – this is the “alternate reality” part in ARG). The post is talking about the person being upset. They are upset not because a human life has been taken, but because a dead body found on a plane is holding things up. Way to go biz in showing the goodness and caring humans possess.


We wrap up the week with two curious items. The first is a log of activity on a credit card account belonging to Yara Badawi-Kim, a known alias of Nori Ko. Curious how there was almost as much discussion on this being printed on a dot matrix printer and the price of a Starbucks drink as there was about what activities were occurring, always nice to know where the human mind goes in these investigations. The two curious pieces to draw from this are the reference to scuba (does this connect to the meme Greg shared earlier about chasing the Mu energy concentrator?) and a reference to Yonaguni, a mention that connects, perhaps, to something from the book. The last item is an email from Angela. She talks about the benefit of her dolls, but that she needs to leave her dollhouse behind and really wants to meet Stella. So, looks like it is Stella’s move; think she will take Angela up on her offer?

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  Stella shares another artifact, a Sumerian dagger.
  • Tuesday –  Robyn shares her thoughts about her mother’s therapy sessions using dolls. Angela’s therapist, Dr. Drake, has been helping her.
  • Wednesday –  A text message from RIMA with a very cryptic message about pressing a suit.
  • Thursday –  An instagram posting of a plane delayed because of a possible dead body found.
  • Friday –   A credit activity log for one of Nori Ko’s alias names. The items track a couple of flights and scuba rental.
  • Saturday –  Angela Sanning emails Stella. She asks again to visit.