What went down in the world of Stella V this week – February 2 – 7, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

Ok – there was quite a bit of story talk and Stella posting this week, so I will attempt to keep things, semi-short, but you may really, really want to just skip to the end, I’ll keep the tl;dr section to the bare facts.


Use! Your! Words! proclaims the post’s title.  And then the video is all about symbols… symbols that might mean words. Or might mean glyphs. Or might mean… something?  But what about the fact that someone broke into Stella’s new house while she was sleeping?  IGNORE THAT. What about that they levitated above Stella’s bed as she slept to leave one of these symbols. IGNORE THAT.  What about that Stella seems carefree about what happened. IGNORE THAT. Focus on the symbols and what they might mean.  And who left these mysterious words, erm, glyphs, erm, symbols? Well that odd kanji we saw last week was also left behind… As there are many questions to ponder from the first Stella post, the Monday puzzle reward is a simple picture of a gun (those in the know use the proper term for the weapon – to me it is just a gun) that is painted with a Nabatean logo and some symbols (no, not the weird symbols, but some language). Stella ends the day (told ya there was a lot of story) with a parable of the demon and a ruby and the prince who used evil economic wealth to save his kingdom thus corrupting his kingdom (isn’t that capitalism). And how many people when they read the line where Stella writes, “precious treasure” heard the Golem’s voice in your head… anyone?


In addition to calling out Greg Jordan for his taunts, learning Greg interviewed someone called S1, and finding out the finer delicacies of Ramen noodles, Stella’s reflection continues (she is staring ever deeper into that abyss, quick, someone give her a lifeline or a Cthulhu survival guide). She mentions finding new themes in the Ancient Truth sources she has been studying (hey, how about sharing some of those sources, don’t be so greedy Stella, cite your work). She also mentions a great battle and the stars choosing the time. Stars… shooting stars… doesn’t that Endgame book start off with a bunch of shooting stars (actually the proper term is meteor) hitting the Earth and signalling the start of… a great battle… heyyyyyyy


Wednesday leaves us with an audio recording about a John Threadgill, a detective from Elgin (a place we have heard about before in relation to the suspicious car crash involving Karen Maddoux). It seems Detective Threadgill was a very baddddd boy as he was charged with corruption, which pretty much put an end to is upward career moves (hope he had a fallback career plan…). So, more dots connecting, I wonder what picture we will end up with? I am hoping for a pretty pink pony (just kidding, I hate pink and ponies). But it does continue to weave a very complex web (wait, I hate spiders). Let’s just say it seems something happened in Texas. The other piece to ponder with this story tidbit is the name. We know Pinstripe’s (Stella’s ex-bodyguard from her Wayland days) first name is John. So the tempting leap of logic to make is John Threadgill is Pinstripe (would explain how he learned his bodyguard skills). Of course being a corrupt cop is not a happy, shiny thing you put on a resume, but, perhaps, Wayland is a kind-hearted man who wants to give everyone a second chance (and if you believe that, I have this left-handed mop to sell you).


Thursday’s story piece provokes a much overused catchphrase, “This Sh@! just got real!”. Stella sends out an invitation to a meet and greet with her in Las Vegas. It’s Vegas baby (I’ll save the wretched puns for closer to the event date). While Ingress players are ingressing, Stella followers will be… um what do Stella followers do?  We need a good buzz word… (and an app to play as well). Friday’s reward is another tinfoil hat meme with pieces of the conversation between Greg and S1, this time a name from the past comes up (ok past as in last week). Who is Nori Ko?


And we finish the week with Stella proclaiming Greg’s intel is looney and he used some not so nice techniques on poor S1. I also find my favorite quote of the week in this video: “apocalyptic coloring book prophecies”.


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday – Someone left symbols around Stella’s new house as she slept, symbols that seem linked to ones we have seen before. We see another weapon, a gun with the Nabatean logo, and Stella is ready to find the truth without the corruption of Wayland.
  • Tuesday – A snippet of a conversation between GJ (Greg Jordan?) and S1. Si tells Greg Jordan about something called Endgame, Greg is not believing S1.
  • Wednesday – Stella continues to revisit the source material of The Ancient Truth and is finding new connections and themes as well as a mention of a great battle. And the stars, according to sources, will choose the time of that battle. We learn about John Threadgill, a detective (in or near Elgin Texas, USA) who was charged with corruption and that Stella knows some form of Martial Arts.
  • Thursday – An invitation to an Ancient Societies meetup in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, February 21, 2015 and discussion about a great battle that is coming.
  • Friday – The official invitation to Las Vegas is out as well as more of the Greg/S1 conversation. We learn that S1 tells Greg the name Nori Ko.
  • Saturday – Stella is not buying the end of the world Endgame line Greg is trying to sell. She did some more digging on Greg Jordan’s interrogation of S1 and found out he pushed S1 for 82 hours before S1 killed his/herself.