What went down in the world of Stella V this week – February 22 – 28, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


We start the week with a look at another weapon, this one a spiffy bow (it looks to be Nabatean, well according to the file name). Stella shares video of an odd fan encounter. It seems fangirl extraordinaire Robyn (with a Y) wants to have a snack chat with Stella after the signing. She settles, at least for now in having Stella sign her Close Encounters movies (oooo remember that little Stella video from a bit ago where she shared that her seven finger obsession was like Richard Dreyfuss making mash potato mountains). Robyn heads off, leaving us to wonder who she is, will Stella meet her and spawning a new age of mashed potatoes and “With a Y” memes. PS – Stella is left handed – how cool!


An interesting note awaits us on Tuesday as it seem Pinstripe (AKA John Threadgill) sent Leo (remember him, the magic guy, who had some decent chemistry with Stella, then got shot for being so nice…) a note. According to the note, Pinstripe asked Leo to go talk to Stella, the lonely daughter. Now Leo is  not allowed to touch her, just teach her a trick or two (and I am so not touching the double entendre in that). And, to top it all off, it seems Pinstripe was willing to pay off/bribe Leo with money from his own pocket; what a nice guy (or is that guilt from being involved with the whole Jake shooting incident).  Stella also sent out a thanks to everyone for help in foiling Wayland’s attempt Saturday as well as providing the official mottos for the 12 Lines.


Wednesday was quite the day of discovery. I’ve already talked a little about  the big Robyn Sanning reveal; it seems Robyn, with a Y, is Stella’s, with an E, half-sister. Stella also shares a newspaper clipping about an armed robbery and a mother and daughter taken hostage at a church, in a small town close to Billings Montana, which is where Robyn S. said she is from. What a coincidence. The other big story  was the way Stella supporters came together and donated to a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for education materials for Cahokia Mounds. Very nice job by all.


The Thursday reward challenge is seemingly disconnected, but we know all dots eventually connect. The reward is an article from the Japan Herald by Sandra Kouke. The headline, CULT MASS SUICIDE STUNS CITY, MARCH 11, 2009 is what makes it a little out of place. We go from the focus of Robyn and things in Las Vegas to Kyoto Japan and 2009. Could this be linked to a certain Nori Ko?  Or something else (wasn’t there just an Ingress event… nahhhhh)? Friday brings us a copy of a few pages from the Diary of Robyn Sanning. Did you ever notice (Andy Rooney voice invoked) how many books there are called Diary of [insert words here]? And did you notice how many of them are bestsellers? And did you ever notice how none of them featured a small girl who felt storm and litning [sic] and fire? I have to admit however, young Robyn’s artistic drawings are much better than anything I can produce.


The week winds up with a short little video of Stella proclaiming she is going to go meet John Threadgill (AKA Pinstripe). You been drinking too many of those Eiffel Tower mile long daiquiri drinks Stella? Why would she go to see Pinstripe when she knows Wayland is still trying to get her to come back? She just told Robyn off and that if they were to meet again, it would on her (Stella’s) terms and now she is going to meet John on his terms? Playing favorites are we Stella? We have not yet had an answer of what happened in her meeting, but hopefully it did not end up with Stella checking out of Vegas…


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday – The challenge reward is a glimpse of another weapon, this one a very nice bow with a filename of Nabatean training weapon. Stella shares a video of an odd encounter with a person during the signing at her Vegas party, who is Robyn?
  • Tuesday –   Pinstripe (John Threadgill) sent Leo (Stella’s magician friend who is now dead) a note asking Leo to go and talk to Stella.
  • Wednesday –  Stella meets Robyn who reveals Angela Sanning is Robyn’s mother and her father is Piotr, who was Sofia’s (Stella’s) father, making Robyn and Stella half-sisters. A newspaper clipping from 2009 talks about a mother and daughter briefly taken hostage during an armed robbery of a church near Billings Montana.
  • Thursday –  A newspaper article about a mass suicide in Kyoto, Japan in 2009.
  • Friday –  A page from young Robyn Sanning’s diary about a secret sister named Sofia. More footage from the Vegas event including the interruption by Wayland Vyctory.
  • Saturday –  Stella is going to go and meet with John Threadgill (Pinstripe).