What went down in the world of Stella V this week – January 19-25, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


Well, we started off with a bang on Monday. Actually more of a crash, a car crash. Ten Miles East is a snippet from a newspaper about a car crash that killed Astronaut Karen Maddox on May 23, 1992. Seems simple enough. However, there are a few notable links. Karen Maddox has come up before as a name on a memorial service card, as the wife of Piotr Denisov, and as the mother of Sofia. The date has been mentioned before on an accident report regarding an empty child seat and also on a ticket to Orlando that was seen with a note from an E. Pramik wishing to meet Karen to tell her that Pijor was having an affair with one of his students (still following?). And there are a few potential, discrepancies, which may be something or nothing (ten miles, eleven miles, what’s a mile in a big state like Texas?).


Tuesday was “Very Unhelpful”. No, not the story tidbit, it actually is very helpful storywise, that’s the post’s title (pardon the attempt at being funny, I’ll get back to story). We are given a snippet that is a letter written by Piotr Denisov (yes, the same one I mentioned earlier). It is addressed to Detective Hernandez. Piotr is asking for the Detective for help regarding his wife’s crash (a direct tie-in to the snippet from yesterday, how awesome). The letter seems to be written about a month after the car crash, and, if we reference a document Stella shared earlier, it is not too long before Piotr is found dead. Piotr writes there are discrepancies between the news article and the report by the ME (hey that is just what people were commenting on the post yesterday, we are in sync with Piotr). I wonder if the Detective ever responded to Piotr?


Wednesday was weapon day as we are treated to another weapon. Thursday… I am tempted to pretend Thursday did not happen. It seems Greg Jordan sent a video to Stella about some wacked out theory that there are reptile people and a screenshot, which may, or may not, mean he is suggesting Stella fits the descriptions in the video. I think I’ll just leave this to you when you watch the video to make your own conclusions.


Friday treats us to a teasing photo of Stella in the middle of a house under construction. Could she be moving from the little metal trailer to a lair of her own? And the week ended with an image, one that Stella has shared with us before. What could this image with 7 lines mean? We had seen a drawing before, the Saturday image shows a potential painting and little models of the image made from tinfoil. Tinfoil… hmmm…. should we be wearing tinfoil hats????


The tl;dr 30 second rundown


Monday – Astronaut Karen Maddoux killed in car crash in Texas

Tuesday – Distraught husband Pijor writes an emotional letter to the cops to look into Karen’s crash

Wednesday – A pretty axe with a Cahokian symbol

Thursday – Oh that wacky Greg Jordan and his reptile accusing videos

Friday – Stella rocking the new house

Saturday – Odd image with seven fingers/lines/strands/insert what it might mean here…