What went down in the world of Stella V this week – January 26-31, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


Monday begins with a video from Stella’s new house, well more like her new structure, it still needs a bit of work (quick call one of those home designer reality shows and send Stella an interior decorator, STAT). But, as the quote goes, “There’s no place like home” and Stella seems to be happy in her new place. Monday’s challenge reward features Stella going on the “offensive” and giving us a document about a person whose name we have heard before. So, CIA Agent Greg Jordan, we see you have a little bit of a history of insubordination. What would be so important to a CIA agent to risk that particular offense? And who exactly is Nori Ko? Why was Greg so interested in her?


Tuesday’s story is curious. Along with a post from Stella about teaching, we find out Edward Pramik, Department Chair of the Graduate Program in Ancient Studies at the University of Austin (and troublemaker extraordinaire) shocked the faculty when he suddenly resigned with no explanation. Although he did not leave behind any reason for resigning, he did donate a number of books and artifacts to the school library. A collection that was worth a lot of money and contained some very nice pieces. Why would an enigma like Edward do that? (enigma description provided by University of Austin Art History Professor Eugene Salter).


Wednesday is tinfoil hat day… almost literally. Stella shares a video showing her surrounded by drawings and models made out of tinfoil of that 7 figured hand/symbol/whatever it is that she has been dreaming about. She waxes fondly about a scene from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, which immediately leads everyone to think… mashed potatoes! … no silly, she’s hinting at aliens. The challenge reward for the day seems just as odd; a note slipped under her door. The “note” contains symbols and a kanji in the lower right corner. The symbols seem familiar, *cough* Ingress Glyphs *cough*  (DO NOT CROSS THE LORE STREAMS). But there is no indication at this point what the symbols might mean. Although there may be a lead on the symbol in the lower right corner. One potential definition for the kanji is Nori… waaaaaiiitttt a minute, Nori… wasn’t that the name of the person from the Greg Jordan insubordination letter… Thursday – OK, I take it back, Thursday is tinfoil hat day as it seems Greg Jordan has a sense of… “humor”. He shares a tinfoil hat meme, mentions the words end and game (not together, but, still, endgame is coming) and changes his g+ avatar picture to grumpy cat. Quite the day for memes it seems.


Friday and Saturday tie together. Stella posts a few words of wisdom to think about regarding corruption versus corrupted. The challenge reward reveals that Pinstripe is still texting Stella, warning her that the people she has been contacting are dangerous and Wayland might take action if she continues. Hmmm, the enemy of my enemy is my… friend?  Do I see an episode of Stella and her frenemies take on Wayland in the future? The end of the week wraps up with Stella’s 34 second video reply to Pinstripe, which consists of her accusing Pinstripe (John) of double standards and that he (John) should go away.  Wonder if he will listen?

The tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday – tables are turned and we see CIA agent Greg Jordan has been a naughty boy. Nori Ko who?
  • Tuesday – bye-bye to E Pramik as he resigned from the University of Austin suddenly, leaving a few trinkets and books behind.
  • Wednesday – (begin playing Twilight Zone TV theme song) What is the 7 figured thing Stella keeps thinking and dreaming about and who is sending Stella notes with odd symbols?
  • Thursday –  A whimsical meme from Greg Jordan
  • Friday – Pinstripe is still texting Stella and warning her Wayland might come after her because of the company she keeps.
  • Saturday – we end out the week with Stella proclaiming Pinstripe is loco en la cabeza and planning on blocking his number.