What went down in the world of Stella V this week – July 12 – July 19, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


Stella jumps to conclusions (shame, shame Stella), finally makes a call she should have made a long time ago and we learn Stella likes the DUN-DUN-DUNNN tense moments.


It seems the Professor (and Mary Anne) is done with the suit.  If the suit really is Pinstripe, this does not bode well. In fact, this is the part of the show where the ominous, creepy music begins to play, enticing us to be drawn deeper as we tense and wait for the jump scare. Has something happened to Pinstripe? Does that mean this week’s story is all about Pinstripe?  We find out the answer seems to be no as the next day Robyn posts to her Instagram account a picture of Stella and a comment that she is glad Stella has got her groove back. So no Pinstripe mention, but Stella is once again searching for the Ancient Truth. Thursday Stella shares a note from the postal service that she missed a package delivery from Wayland.  The ominous music is back (DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN) as we wonder, what would Wayland be sending? The players were guessing everything from pinatas, to playing cards, to an invitation to the Ball.  What could it be? We wait with bated breath for the reveal.


You know, sometimes when you have a hero, you invest and follow them where ever they go in their journey. You develop a mad case of hero-worship and hang on everything they say.  Their word is sacred and they can do no wrong.  Well, they can do no wrong until they screw up.  This is when you realize the hero just went left and you are going to have to go right making you doubt the decision making (and potential plausibility) of your hero.  This happened for some with Friday’s story piece.  Stella gets her package and we find the package contains a bloody earpiece. First off, ewww gross. Second, ok that is some major hazmat stuff going on and Stella you should be wearing gloves touching that thing. And last, but not least, the message the package seems to be sending is something has happened to Pinstripe (John Threadgill). We assume this because Pinstripe was first introduced to us as a pinstripe suit (hence his nickname) and an earpiece like the one in the bloody package. Stella ends her post with Rest in Peace John. WHOAAAAAA Stella, hold your horses. You saw Jake shot and he was not really dead. You have a biohazard package that looks like something from the video game Bioshock (disclaimer: I love Bioshock) or some Friday the 13th movie prop and you are writing John off. So nice Stella.  I am going to hold out more hope that Pinstripe is still out there, somewhere, somehow.  #SavePinstripe


The week ends with a shot of Stella’s phone. She is calling Angela Sanning. Hopefully this leads to the meeting we have been waiting for. Hopefully we will get video or documentation of what happens at this meeting.  Hopefully we will get a beta invite soon.  Here’s to hoping.

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday – Nabatean ring from the training app.
  • Tuesday  – An update on AncSoc students helping out. The professor is done with the suit.
  • Wednesday –  Robyn posts a Stella image on Instagram.
  • Thursday –  Wayland Vyctory sends Stella a package.
  • Friday – The package Wayland sent looks like a bloody earpiece. Is it John Threadgill’s (AKA Pinstripe).
  • Saturday – Stella decides to call Angela Sanning.