What went down in the world of Stella V this week – July 5 – July 11, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


This week was map week with a side of deep reflection (cue the Dora map song; warning, you listen to this, you will never get it out of your head  – BTW, there is a 5 hour club mix of this “tune”, why, why, why dear Internet, why…


The story starts this week with a present from Nori for Stella. Who knew Nori was the gift-giving type? What is the wonderful gift?  It is a regifted map. I say regifted because it is torn and missing a corner piece. You would think if Nori was going to spring for a present she’d at least go for something not from the reduced and wrecked bin.  Did she keep the receipt? Looking closely at the map, we see it has what might be a symbol of one of the 12 Lines   And a seven-fingered symbol that seems familiar.  A lot seems very familiar about this map, and yet, something important seems to be missing… (missing, get it, the missing corner of the map). I mean it’s not like the storytellers would try to make a one day story item AKA the map, actually span two days by tearing off a piece and giving us the piece as a second story item… right?


The map seems to have stroked the zen, deep thinking part of Stella’s brain and she reflects on what Nori heard at the meeting of The Brotherhood of the Snake and some of the writing on a tablet that had been translated.  In the land of tropes, we call this a clip show. As Stella reflects on past events, we are prodded, pushed, nudged, kicked in the tushy, to begin to think that perhaps there is something deeper to this Endgame.  Is this really an end? Or a cycle? Thursday we have a note that Robyn found. It was written by her mother, Angela Sanning, when Angela was a student. It is about an artifact Edward Pramik had, a torn bamboo scroll… where have we seen a torn bamboo scroll before… I KNEW IT – Nori did totally regift that map. Cheapskate.


So the Professor (and Mary Anne…) is still wearing the suit and Stella asks RIMA for a favor that involves a scanner. Since I like to jump to conclusions (Ancient Societies and Stella is like a trampoline and I just keep bouncing and jumping), it seems so easy to say the “suit” is Pinstripe. But to be fair, I will now give equal speculation time to other options, what might the suit be that the Professor is wearing? Maybe it is a bling-bling gold suit.  Or a suave zoot suit, or a superhero suit, or maybe a suit of rainbows and unicorn tears. Or maybe… maybe I’d better just move along now.


The end of the week brings the last story piece, can you guess what it is?  Why it’s the missing corner of the map (did anyone else see that one coming a mile away?). As to what the missing piece means, there is a lot of room for rubbing of the chin in deep thought, contemplation of convergence of pathways and the awesome ability to run down the red herring path. The translation from the map piece  means resurrection, rebirth, restore. What does this point to; is coming (like how I set that little Endgame reference up)? Why was that corner torn off? Does the sharing of the corner map relate to Friday’s text message to Rima about needing a scanner and courage?  Is the corner piece we see the same one referenced in the Thursday Stella post? If it is, does this mean RIMA might be Angela? Or is RIMA Robyn? And what does professor wearing the suit mean?  I love me some spy secret code talk, but this is getting confusing (ok, ok, not getting) it already is deep in the land of confusion (cue Genesis song). If the suit is Pinstripe, did Pinstripe help with the scan secret mission? So many questions. I hope answers are coming soon. Although, as we are learning, with every Stella answer, we get two more questions (cue sitcom laugh track).

Last notes – a number of agents were putting the map pieces back together, here are a couple I have found, are there more?

http://i.imgur.com/rtu53zM.jpg from Peerapat Wangchingchai (P)

http://imgur.com/a/OFWnf#1 Another version of the reconstructed map with overlay of Mu from Mark van Heeswijk

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  –  Donghu crossbow
  • Tuesday –  Nori brings Stella a bamboo map, but it is missing a corner piece. There is a Mu symbol on the map and a seven-fingered symbol similar to what Stella has been drawing.
  • Wednesday – Stella talks about a quote Nori heard at The Brotherhood of the Snake meeting and what it might mean, “The Ancient One walks among us,” as well as translated quotes from a tablet. “Death sought to claim him. We could not allow it.”
  • Thursday – Robyn shares a note her mother, Angela Sanning, wrote when she was a student. “Found an interesting artifact in with Edward’s things. A torn piece of a bamboo scroll…”
  • Friday – A  message to RIMA, “Is the Professor still wearing the suit? Need a favor. If you can wrangle a scanner.  And some courage.”
  • Saturday – The missing corner piece from the bamboo map thanks to Rima.