What went down in the world of Stella V this week – June 1 – June 7, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


So this week was enjoyable, especially if you are a Robyn Sanning fan. If not, well, there is always next week’s storyline. Missing from this week was a Greg Jordan meme, but I am sure they will be back in full glory soon (just like more videos once Stella’s drone camera is repaired).


We start the week with a Koori gun from the app. We still have not heard much about the training apps debut, but we continue to see the different Line assets.  Tuesday begins the Robyn Sanning showcase as we see a peek at “sisterly love”. I am the eldest of four sisters, so I really get this little exchange. The “Please stop”, from Stella made me think of the NOTED comment Stella sometimes gives Students. I could almost hear the blistering death stare behind that word as she issued it to Robyn (and I am sure there are some who want to say the same thing to Robyn over much of what she says). To some it simply proves Robyn is an annoying, immature younger sibling/character, and to others it connects as, yeah, I have a sister/brother like that.  Whichever camp you are in, you should at least appreciate the poking behind it. Stella has been producing these weird, almost comical images and tin foil sculptures of the seven-fingered thing for awhile. She presents her visions in very serious videos and blog posts daring us not to break out in a hyena cackle. Robyn dared to poke fun at Stella’s “obsession”. Perhaps we should dare to poke some fun at Stella’s world more often as well.


Robyn's Images          7

Robyn’s Fun                           Stella’s Drawing


Wednesday continues the Robyn love with a voicemail that Ben Hawken, son of James Hawken left.  James Hawken, in case you did not read every single item on every single Stella document, was the medical investigator who signed off on Piotr Denisov’s death report.  Who again is Piotr? He is the father of Sofia (whom we believe to be Stella) and the father of Robyn.  Robyn believes Piotr did not commit suicide and has been trying to track down proof.  She is very eager to find things out, but seems to lack the finesse in getting to those answers.  This is what some call, “stepping in it” or “foot in mouth disease”.   So, once we move past Robyn coming off as insensitive, we are left to wonder, why did James Hawken disappear in November of 1992? This date happens to be only a few months after he signed off on Piotr’s death report. Are they connected?


Stella finds a book in the University of Texas at Austin Library that was written by James B. Hawken MD called, a Compendium of Human Anatomy. Even more interesting is the fact it is part of the collection donated by Edaward Pramik when he left the University in 1992 (wow, 1992 was a busy year).  In an effort to have a few moments of peace, Stella sends Robyn on a road trip to look at that book (well played Stella, well played).  Robyn takes the road trip and uses her Instagram account to share images.  Looking at Robyn’s instagram account, we also see other images, including the turtle she brought Stella.    The week ends with Robyn making it to the library and looking at the book. The photo she shared (via her Instagram account) has a handwritten inscription: “Professor, May this gift be both a symbol of our friendship and a useful insight into what literally makes us tick. All the best, Hawk”.  So, this shows James Hawken and Pramik had a connection, right (assuming the Professor is Edward Pramik)?  The curious question becomes what is that connection and why would Pramik be so interested in human anatomy? All in all, the week ends with a few new names, a few discovered connections and, as always, more questions left unanswered than answered.  But on the plus side, Stella’s turtle has a name (Barry)!

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  – a Korri gun.
  • Tuesday – Robyn photoshops pictures with seven fingers to tease Stella about the seven-fingered images Stella keeps drawing.
  • Wednesday – Robyn contacted Ben Hawken, the son of James Hawken. James Hawken signed the death report about Piotr Denisov. James Hawken disappeared in November of 1992.
  • Thursday  – James Hawken wrote a Compendium of Human Anatomy, a book that is part of the Edward Pramik collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Friday – Robyn Sanning is on a road trip to go to the University of Texas at Austin to find the book by James Hawken.
  • BONUS Instagram –  Robyn Sanning has an Instagram account you can follow
  • Saturday – Robyn finds the book, which contains a hand written inscription from James “Hawk” Hawken to “Professor”.