Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – June 15 – June 21, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


Another week with no video goodness, no Greg memes, no Robyn or Nori or the app that shall not be mentioned… but we do have a return to TBOTS and turning heads to fighting The Corruption.


Daedelus was a Greek mythological figure who was always inventing and curious and created, among other things, the famous Labyrinth. It is fitting we start the week with a “bomb” named in his honor. This also reminds me of the mention of the Minotaur by the Sons of Knossos  a few weeks ago. I wonder how many of the assets the Lines have, were made as much to protect them from things in their world as they were to be used against others?


We started the Frankenstein theme last week and we see it again this week.  Stella compares her and Angela’s lives to that of the creations in Mary Shelley’s book. Are Angela and Stella monsters? How much did Wayland/Pramik shape their lives? Nature or Nurture (ok that last one has nothing to do with this, I was just on a roll)? On a serious note, I do wonder if there are other “Frankensteins” out there?  Is there something deeper and darker Stella will have to face? Are there other Stellas and Angelas?


The Brotherhood of the Snake (TBOTS), or perhaps it is The Uncorrupted, makes an appearance midweek. They give Stella 72 hours to respond to their offer. Stella responds in very classy fashion with an image of her snake-skin stiletto stomping down on the Brotherhood’s logo. For some reason the image of the shoe brought to mind the song “These Boots are made for Walking”. Somehow I do not think Stella is worried about the Brotherhood… but, should she be?  I am suddenly drawn back to the way the week started, Daedelus.  Remember his son?  What happened when his son got too cocky?  Is Stella fixin’ for a fall?


Stella returns to her original rallying cry; fighting The Corruption.  All 12 Lines were Corrupted and Stella initially began this journey with the intent to find the Ancient Truth and determine what caused the Corruption.  And what does the Corruption do? In the words of Stella, “… the poisoned core of Corruption boils down to a very simple Truth: Everyone wants everything. Either accept that need, or liberate yourself from it.”  So what is it you need?  What is it you want?


72 hours… remember that warning from TBOTS. The one meant to invoke fear. What is the dire terror that awaits?  Well, the big payoff comes as… wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…   an infrared/night vision image of Stella training with the image of TBOTS overlaid.  Engaging Minion Whaaaaat????   Ok, maybe this is just a ploy to make Stella think there is nothing to worry and then attack in her lulled sense of safety.   Maybe there is a hidden message in the image… (6.5 hours later) nope, no hidden message.  What does that leave us with? The thought that perhaps just as a snake remains hidden, striking when least expected, so too will TBOTS strike?  Will Stella be ready? Will we?

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  – another training app asset, this one from the Minoan line.
  • Tuesday – Stella compares what happened to her and Angela to the Mary Shelley book, “Frankenstein”.
  • Wednesday – A recording from the Brotherhood giving Stella 72 hours to respond.
  • Thursday  – Stella responds to the Brotherhood audio recording with a defiant picture of her stomping out the TBOTS logo.
  • Friday  – Stella is preparing to fight the Corruption that caused the downfall of the 12 Ancient Lines.
  • Saturday –  TBOTS send Stella an image of her training, they are watching.