Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – June 29 – July 4, 2015

Stella V

skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


This week was the Nori and Greg show. Did you like having a week devoted to just one story thread or would you rather have small pieces from multiple threads?

Nabatean spears are the training app weapon of the week. The story begins with Norigami. What is Norigami you ask?  It is a portmanteau. What is a portmanteau you ask? It is a word made from blending two words together. Nori + Origami, get it?  So cute, right?  I looked up how to make an origami fox it seems even more confusing than the storyline right now. If anyone makes an origami fox, post a picture and tag me with #norigami. I have digressed, back to story. On the Norigami is a Japanese phrase. Translated it means ‘hunter becomes prey’. It seems we have come to a Sadie Hawkins dance and it is time for Nori to do a bit of Greg Jordan chasing.  The Greg chasing continues as Nori shares a photo image of Greg entering some unknown location.  If you have sharp eyes and really analyze the photo (as I am sure you do with ever shred of story that comes out), you may notice above Greg’s head, partially cut off, a design in the doorway that looks very familiar (*cof, cof* Brotherhood of the Snake *cof, cof*).


Nori’s obsession with Greg continues as Stella shares a drawing Nori sent (seems electronic technology is glitching for Nori just like it does for the creators of the AncSoc Leaderboard). The drawing shows a meeting that occurred on July 1, 2015.  Some quotes from the drawing include: “The Ancient One walks among us” (who is the ancient one and what do they want, haven’t we heard references to the Ancient One before???). And this quote: “I was a fool to expect more from your Corrupt Brotherhood” (so is this the actual TBOTS or The Uncorrupted branch that keeps poking at Stella)? And just to make sure the scene does not get too heavy, we have this little gem from Nori: “This place is dank, no wonder they haven’t parlayed in decades” (I really think Nori needs to work on her humor a bit; maybe Robyn can give her lessons…)  So, someone is pissy that the others are just playing around. They all travelled to a dank, rank place just to be scolded? So fun….


The week rounds out with two more pieces following this story thread.  First is a photo of that archway from the Wednesday Greg Jordan picture. TBOTS symbols is displayed fully, but broken down the middle, was the meeting place destroyed?  What kind of power can destroy a place (was it the Nabatean spear from earlier)? The week ends with an audio tidbit (I put the full quote in the tl;dr section below because it is a nice little quote). So is this from the same people whose dank meeting place was destroyed? If so, how were they able to record the audio when their pad was all shook up? And as a final thought for the week, what does goodbye Sofia and the message mean? Did Stella burn a bridge she should not have?  The world may never know (yes this is one of my favorite lines from a very old commercial).


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  –  A Nabatean training app weapon
  • Tuesday –  Nori Ko sends an origami figure (maybe a fox). Thanks to Tiziano and Mozz 12 for translations –   ハンターが獲物になります means “Hunter will turn to be prey” or “The hunter will be hunted”.
  • Wednesday –  Nori takes an image of Greg Jordan at some unknown location.
  • Thursday  – A drawing from Nori of a Brotherhood of the Snake gathering.
  • Friday  –  a photo of a destroyed stone archway with The Brotherhood of the Snake logo on the table.
  • Saturday –  An audio “goodbye” to Stella (full transcript) “Stella Vyctory you have ignored our warnings and insulted our offers. You associate with one of the defected players who attempted to infiltrate our gathering. She will be dealt with. Your other ally, we have been assured by our so-called Uncorrupted counterpart, has been discharged from their ranks. Consider these doors closed. Do not attempt to open them with the revelation of coming events.  Goodbye Sofia.”