Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – June 8 – June 14, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

What an interesting week in Stella’s world filled with dreams, darkness and the subtle, bubbling lisp of something horrific that has been cut up, shoved under the floorboards and is now sitting there, just oozing in its gory, grandeur waiting to gush forward and drench us all in an epiphany of evil.  Or I could just say there seems to be dark, creepy shadows pressing in around the edges. Either way, is this a sign of foreshadowing, or someone just needs to replace some burnt out light bulbs?


The week starts with a weapon with the La Tene symbol, And no, I am not naming the weapon and getting into the nuances of what is a mace, flail and so on; it’s a shiny weapon from the app that is like a shimmering mirage in the desert. We follow weapon Monday with dreams, Jake dreams (no Doreen, not those type of Jake dreams). Rather Jake has been having repeated dreams of the jack of hearts. Six days of dreaming followed on the seventh day with a dose of reality as he finds an actual jack of hearts card in his bag.  Ok, I will skip the dreaming you into existence reference ; I will skip the Bob Dylan Jack of Hearts song reference  as well as the Marvel reference and get right to what the jack of hearts might mean in dreams.  Actually, there are a number of different interpretations, but most involve fools and love. Some believe it to be a good card to receive and others not so good. Basically, this card could mean anything you want it to mean. Is Jake the Jack (tongue twister say that ten times fast)? Are he and Stella doomed lovers or eternally together forever?


We continue the freaky dreaming as Robyn posts to her Instagram account a very creepy dream, nightmare, vision, or is it something else? If I had this dream about two Japanese girls in some forest playing a literal cutthroat game of hide and seek, I’d think I’d stumbled into some anime (this really is a spooky little film). So Robyn, maybe you better not play hide and seek in the forest any time soon. Or maybe just lay off the caffeine.  Some Students pointed out that the description Robyn provides is almost straight out of the Endgame Training Diaries Volume 1. Is Robyn somehow linked to Endgame as well? Or are her dreams being hijacked by too much Red Bull?


Thursday’s story piece allows me to reference a very nice exchange from the movie “Young Frankenstein” (actually this reference has been used in a challenge before, what a small world). It seems someone was a very bad boy or girl and wrote in a book.  But we can ignore the defacing of property as it helps draw our attention to the phrase, before three years of age.  Reading the entire passage, we see it is talking about the development of the brain and a period called synaptic exuberance (which sounds like a weird cocktail… hmmmm a line of Ancient Society Cocktails… ). Now, we begin to ponder, why would someone underline three years of age… OH, OH, OH, wasn’t Sofia (aka Stella) taken from Piotr and Karen around the age of two (cue the dramatic chipmunk music)? And OH, OH, OH, hasn’t there been other references of unlocking POTENTIA  (cue the screaming goat) Is someone playing mad scientist with people’s brains? Are we actually beginning to creep (pun intended) into a more horror theme of the story? Or is this all just a red herring?


The last piece of story for this week is the most curious and has lots of potential interpretation.  A torn page containing an image from Mary Shelly’s, “Frankenstein” with a note from Edward Pramik to Angela Sanning about not being her Adam rather her fallen angel and the word goodbye. Was Angela Edward’s Frankenstein Monster? Considering how other story pieces this week have been about a book of Human Anatomy and the brain, this is a rather spooky reference. How does the reference of Fallen Angel relate? Was Edward, like Lucifer, trying to overthrow a regime? Are we continuing a descent into the darker side of things? Many other potential explanations exist; I look forward to hearing what others think about their connection.  It will be interesting to see just what complexity resides beneath the relationship of Angela Sanning and Edward Pramik.

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  –  a La Tene weapon.
  • Tuesday – Jake has a dream about the Jack of Hearts card and then finds a card in his bag.
  • Wednesday –  Robyn has a dream about two Japanese girls who may have been part of the Endgame training.
  • Thursday  – A passage on the development of the brain from the James Hawkens Human Anatomy book with the phrase “by three years of age” underlined.
  • Friday  –  A torn page containing an image from Mary Shelly’s, “Frankenstein book” with a note from Edward Pramik to Angela Sanning about not being her Adam, rather her fallen angel.
  • Saturday – Unknown at this time as the challenge was not solved, thus no story was unlocked and no other posts made.