What went down in the world of Stella V this week – March 1 – 7, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

Well Stella V did her own recap on Friday, so I don’t need to do this article this week… just kidding, I love tearing apart Stella’s world, she needs to be reminded sometimes of how not everyone sees things the same way, which happens to be an underlying theme of this week. That and the new trending word for the week is batshit… Has to make you wonder when the word to describe your week is a reference to the guano of a flying mammal used as slang to indicate a very crazy and FUBAR (USA military slang) situation or topic.


Monday  we are treated to a challenge reward of a Harappan weapon, Oh, erm, wait, it is a gold disk with an elephant… the file name says Harappan training, so ok, there is a weapon use for this, right?  People have been inventing really wild ideas since this does not look like all the other weapons Stella has shared; I kinda like the war elephant, but that brings up cruelty to animals and, well, ok I really like the idea it is a shield, yeah, much better, less controversial, which we all know Stella tries hard to not be controversial.


Tuesday is Pinstripe day as we watch Stella meet Pinstripe, who proceeds to say that Wayland set up the kidnapping to draw Stella in closer. Say what, the kidnapping a fake? Wait, there’s more. Pramik’s lawyer contacted Pinstripe and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse (oh the movie quotes are strong in this video). Pinstripe (John Threadgill) was the first responder at the car accident, Karen was already dead, Sofia/Stella gone and he was asked to falsify the police report. Then comes a mega TWIST, Pramik and Wayland are the same person (sayyyyy what?? Who saw that coming? You did, oh shush you, just be amazed by the twist). Pinstripe wants out and wants to help Stella.   The Pinstripe theme continues as Stella shares a Western Union money transfer sent by John Threadgill.  Western Union is a swell little service that allows people to send money to other people. John is sending someone in Tijuana Mexico $500.00. Wonder who was on the receiving end of that money (friend, lover, family, a really crazy spring break party)?


Wednesday’s challenge reward is an article that has a title based on a song by Notorious B.I.G.. I am not going to try and draw comparison between the Mu Death Cult and the B.I.G. cult following, instead, let’s focus on the article that features an image of a dead body’s toe tag (so classy). This article talks about a mass suicide in Kyoto, with details that seem identical/very similar to the mass suicide reported on in that newspaper article last week.   There is just one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny problem. The Mu article says ten years ago that happened. The Newspaper from last week reads 2009… Uh-oh it’s timey wimey stuff, better call The Doctor… just kidding, but, it is… odd. Either someone done messed up the timeline Sugar, or, there is a copycat mass suicide thing going on.

Thursday we get a sneak peak at the new Ancient Societies website, complete with the anticipated Leaderboard (Stella is such a tease). Friday’s letter of the day is V. V is for Victory, vandalism, value and broken windows. Ok the last does not match he V pattern (anyone know a word for broken windows starting with v?), but broken windows is what Wayland Victory finds on the side of his casino; 12 of them forming an upside down V.  Who did this and why?


And the week wraps with the potential of a doozy, depending on how you interpret the letter. I’ve seen some great speculation in the chat discussions and comments; everything from creepy, pervy, icky old man stalking young, nubile college student to this is the way Angela really got into her groove (or wait that should be ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’) to Angela had something going on the side with both professors to Stella is really Pramik and Angela’s secret love child (guess which one of those is my wild idea). Basically the letter is an invitation to Angela to talk to Pramik about taking his Independent study course (insert the canned laugh track and catcalls  with a knowing wink-wink on the side), we all know what Pramik really wanted to show Angela, right?  Actually, there are some very innocent possibilities to the intent behind this letter.  Wait… Pramik (AKA Wayland) innocent? (insert more canned laughter). Wow this is turning into one of those weird 70s / 80s sitcoms (Head of the Class anyone?  What about Mind Your Language? Welcome Back Kotter?).


A last little thought. Stella calls Pinstripe a coward. Somehow this makes me think of him as the Cowardly Lion and Stella is Dorothy, Greg Jordan the Tin Man and Robyn gets to be the Scarecrow. And Wayland is the Wicked Witch of the West (hey Vegas is kinda in the West).  Hmmm, what do you think?


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  A Harappan training device.
  • Tuesday – Stella and Pinstripe meet. He tells Stella that Wayland is Pramik and that her kidnapping was set up by Wayland. Pinstripe was asked to falsify the police report regarding the death of Karen. A Western Union receipt shows John Threadgill sent money to someone in Tijuana Mexico with a note that this is the last time as someone might notice.
  • Wednesday –  The mysterious Mu Death Cult is a cult that very little is known about but is connected to a mass suicide of suspicious origin.
  • Thursday –  A sneak peak at the upcoming Leaderboard and new site design.
  • Friday –  Stella wonders if having a sister is worthwhile. Someone broke 12 windows in Wayland Vyctory’s casino forming an upside down V.
  • Saturday –  Dr. Pramik sends a letter to Angela Sanning inviting her to be a candidate for his Ancient Studies Independent Study course.