Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – March 16 – 21, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

You know, I think I shall dub this week the roller coaster ride from hell. Ok, maybe not hell, but there have been a lot of ups, downs, and a couple of bumpy spots (just be patient with the leaderboard people, you can start the cutthroat competition and closing off from the sense of community soon enough). Seriously though Stella, your mood is all over, girlfriend.


So we start the week on a down side as Stella is trussed up nice and tight by Nori Ko, thus resolving the cliffhanger from last week. It seems the shadow ninja Nori wants to work for the rich girl Stella. Nori is honest, she does not steal her money, she works for it. I wonder if Stella offers a 401K retirement plan? We also get a nice little bondage quote, once again dipping into 50 Shades of Stella territory. As a side note, kudos to Nori for calling out the hypocritical side of Stella, I mean it’s ok for Stella to tie up Greg but not be tied up herself? And Nori called Greg Jordan out as well (her comment about where his head is planted just left me chuckling). Have to admit, Nori’s frank and open comments about Stella and others are refreshing, I think Nori is growing on me.  Oh… why is Nori needing to prepare Stella for Endgame?


With the events at SXSW over the weekend, a number of articles released talking about the upcoming Endgame mobile app. It now has a name, Endgame: Proving Grounds. Stella shared some of the images associated with the app and promises more to come. She also shares a suspected location sheet for Nori Ko, which includes a couple of interesting lines: Suspect ties to suicide cult and possible involvement in unrelated thefts of artifacts in museums. Both of those items reference posts from last week.  Nori has been a busy little bee.


Some call Wednesday hump day, well this is quite the hump for Stella as our roller coaster plummets all the way down. We find Stella tripping on something as she watches a weird war filled video set to opera music (you been hanging round that greg Jordan wayyyy too much girl). She seems to be having a small little downer of a day (AKA reality bites) and wondering if maybe Endgame is the best, just let everyone fight and only the strong shall survive. Someone needs to go give Stella a pep talk, or maybe we should just bring Nori back in to kick her around a little. And BTW Stella, I happen to like rainbows and unicorns, thank you very much.  To help cement Stella’s sour mood, she shares an audio of a Koori talking about a dream, or potential vision. One that seems to indicate something dark is coming, flashes of blades and blood, death in every direction.


Pulling the coaster back up, Stella shares a campaign and asks Students  to help Jacob. You can find more information here. I usually do not cover the challenges themselves, but the theme for this week seems to be war/weapon/fighting in nature, another potential nod to Stella’s mindset beginning to move more into the arena of war and out of the library of learning. The coaster takes a few twists, not really up or down, as Stella shares a set of notes from a session between Angela Sanning and her therapist. It seems Angela has a case of Agoraphobia, watches the news intensely, has no landline phone changing out cell phones on a regular basis, is not talking about Endgame and misses her daughter. I diverge a moment and just have to wonder, as you read that little glimpse of who Angela is, can you imagine being Robyn and growing up in that environment. I guess Robyn didn’t get out much.  The week closes with a video from Stella to Robyn. It seems Stella wants to extend the olive branch and meet her long lost secret half sister. So we end the week back on an up note as Stella seems to be pulling her sh@! back together.  Stay strong Stella. #keepthecoasterup


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  Nori Ko will be training Stella and preparing her for Endgame.
  • Tuesday – A collection of the weapons that will be featured in the Endgame app, Endgame: Proving Grounds. Nori Ko could be tied to the museum thefts and the Kyoto suicide cult.
  • Wednesday –  Stella ponders if the mechanic of Endgame is maybe the right thing for the world, to allow only one line to survive.
  • Thursday – A recording from a Koori about a potential dream, or perhaps a vision of the future. One filled with death.
  • Friday –  Notes from a therapy session for Angela Sanning indicate she is showing improvement in her ability to overcome her Agoraphobia. She refuses to discuss ‘Endgame’ and misses her daughter.  Stella is throwing another party, this time in Pasadena California, March 28th.
  • Saturday –  Stella sends a video note to Robyn saying she wants to meet.