Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – March 22 – 28, 2015

Stella V


(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)

Remember how last week ended? No? Don’t worry, most don’t, that’s what a recap is for. Well, last week ended with Stella sending out a video to Robyn inviting her to come visit. So the week starts with a reply video from Robyn that she is on her way (Road-Trippin’ Robyn). We also find out that Robyn sees very weird stuff when loopy tired. And, I think the little clip of Robyn saying “Are you getting excited, can you feel the excitement” when she sounds and looks like the total opposite will be one of my fav soundbytes.  Stella also asks Students to think about, and submit, what music might fit each line. They do say music soothes the savage beast.  So spin those tables and share your Line’s music.


Robyn finally gets to Stella’s place and we are treated to two interesting videos. There is a whole lot of story packed in those two videos.  The Rick James Funky video (gotta love a girl who can put Rick James and smelling funky into one sentence) reunites Robyn and Stella. Robyn brings Stella the traditional house-warming gifts of octopus, other foods and a pet turtle (the Sannings  have odd traditions). We see Robyn trying to hold out the olive branch of peace and Stella taking her snarky comment clippers and snipping that branch right off, bitter much Stella? Stella has a case of daddy issues, both her real and fake daddy. We are also treated to Stella’s views that Angela is a groupie (ooo academic professor nerds get groupies too?) and Piotr is a monster. Hopefully the icy winter covering Stella’s heart can soon thaw into warm summer (ok, no more romance novel analogies I promise, I’ll leave those for Stella to keep making). But moving along, we learn Angela really does have issues, although tarp covering all the windows might be a fashion statement, you know home Art Nouveau. Oh, and Robyn keeps pushing the Piotr did not commit suicide angle.


The next Robyn and Stella video,  displays a very different side of Robyn. We’ve seen manic, we’ve seen loopy and now we see scared little girl (a bit of the Angela conspiracy rubbed off on her perhaps)? We also learn that Wayland likes to play mind games and is into the long, slow torture tease. Seems his Wayland website fantasies might be a little too true to his deep nature.  Oh, word of advice, do not mention a certain music piece to Robyn next time you see her. We also have confirmation that Angela and Robyn in the Church hostage situation.


Stella’s next post, “Just the Facts”, contains more questions than facts. I do love a good conspiracy. You know what I mean,  all questions, no answers and just a hint of tease thrown in that an answer may be just right around the corner.  So what do we know? I’ll use Stella’s words here, “Endgame is real. It was created by unknown forces. We don’t know who they were, or why they’ve done this to us. We don’t even know if they still exist.  Endgame is a fight to the death. There are 12 players, one from each of the Ancient Lines. Your Ancient Lines. There have always been Players, trained in secret. We don’t know who or where the current Players are.”   Of course those who have read Frey’s book know who those players are, but shhhhh no breaking Stella’s fragile reality. Stella also shares something about a confluence. What the heck is a confluence? Oh wait, another one of those questions and no answer things, that is what a confluence means.


Old Story  tells of a figure, something other than man or god.  Who might this be? Is this “person” coming soon? Is death coming?  It seems this figure’s name is a whisper, lost to the shadows.  So, man with no name, who are you?  I shall call you BOB.  Stella opens up the suggestion box asking students for ideas about adding to the trainings and what she has started. I highly recommend you take a moment and leave a suggestion for S; this is an awesome chance to have your voice heard, to share those great ideas . Or maybe even go really over the edge and earn a NOTED comment from Stella (still waiting for mine, one day I know it will be there).


The week wraps up with an audio voicemail left by Pinstripe and a party in Pasadena, California, USA. So, is the voicemail message from Pinstripe really him trying to reconcile with Stella?  Or is he just the honey in a much larger trap?  Was he really trying to protect Stella?  And exactly how big of trouble is Pinstripe in?  Can he be redeemed?  And in the middle of all of this, at the Pasadena event Saturday, we see Pinstripe escorted away in handcuffs.  Is this the last of Pinstripe?  Are these the Days of Our Lives?  Will FevGames increase my question mark budget?  So many questions to chase; can’t wait to see what next week brings.

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  Robyn is on her way to visit Stella and another weapon is shared, Koori Poison.
  • Tuesday – Robyn reaches Stella’s house and brings a house-warming gift, a turtle. We learn that Stella holds deep bitterness for Piotr having an affair with Angela.
  • Wednesday – Robyn Sanning has been haunted by Wayland/Pramik for many years. Someone has located a confluence where the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet.  Stella shares just the facts. Endgame is real, Endgame is coming.
  • Thursday – Stella shares a recap of recent events and encourages Students to help others as they choose a line and a recording of an old story. One that talks about a figure, a figure that instills wonder and fear.
  • Friday –  Pinstripe (John Threadgill) leaves a message for Stella, it was his black car and he did something for Stella that will cause him trouble.
  • Saturday –  Stella, Robyn and Pinstripe hit the Ingress after party in Pasadena, Pinstripe gets arrested.