What went down in the world of Stella V this week – March 29 – April 4, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


We start the week off with the reveal of the cliffhanger that occurred Saturday…. ok not really, instead we are teased even more with a video of John (Pinstripe) showing Stella a video (ooo if Stella was watching a video of someone watching a video we would almost be getting into a Droste Effect/M.C. Escher kinda thing ). We are left to wonder, who might that be in the video? Why is Stella reacting so badly? Was anyone else creeped out when Pinstripe grins and says, “He recorded it for you… Just for you.”? I was expecting him to go all Jack Nicholson on Stella.


Tuesday we see the continuation of Stella and find out (finally) that the video Stella was watching was from Jake.  Jake is not dead (play the soap opera music). Pinstripe made sure they used blanks in the guns when Jake was “shot” (increase the volume and tempo of music). Jake left for Mexico and Pinstripe has been helping him (crescendo as the plot twist is revealed full force). So that’s who Pinstripe was sending the Western Union moneygram to. It seems Stella’s musician boyfriend, Jake (no last name, he is like Cher and Madonna and Prince, too cool for a last name) is alive (cue the Frankenstein quote, “He’s alive, he’s alive…”).  By the way, it was weird in the video seeing Stella all flighty and off and Robyn being the sane voice of reason.  Is Stella gonna go all googly-starry eyed for some boy and forget all about the real important stuff?


Midweek we find a reflecting Stella. She shares a story of a chance meeting (Was it chance?) with a woman in a bar who asks her to give Angela Sanning a break because she was a brilliant student, then brainwashed by Pramik and finally cast aside. The woman then tells Stella she is a lot like Angela and to be careful not to end up being just like Pramik.  Stella ends her story with a thought, does she possess the seeds of cruelty (yes)? Could she be just like Pramik (yes)? Will she ever unlearn what he taught her (magic 8 ball points to maybe)? Along with the story, we are given an in-depth video of Pinstripe being handcuffed at the Pasadena event and led away. It seems his “abductors” play hardball (come with us or people die).  So, where is Pinstripe now?  Has Stella started searching?  Come on Stella, Pinstripe helped you, are you helping him?


Alright, someone needs to talk Greg Jordan down from whatever he is trippin’ on, seriously. The Breadcrumbs video , assuming it is from Greg, is all about flashing symbols and colors, wack-a-doo sounds and red lines. It leaves you wondering just how you can get back those 43 seconds of your life you lost watching it. One theory is it is about white pyramids and Kepler-22, another it is about another confluence point and a third great theory is that someone spent a ton of money on odd music and image clips and now they better be used or someone is losing their job.  Stella rounds out the week with a recruitment video that players can share to tease people about Ancient Societies and a video of Robyn talking to players at the Pasadena event. I vote for Robyn getting her own podcast or interview show, The Raving Robyn Rundown…


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  A nice Shang gun and Stella learns from Pinstripe that someone she cares about is still alive.
  • Tuesday – Jake, Stella’s boyfriend, whom she saw shot, is not dead. Pinstripe told the gunmen to use blanks and then hid Jake in Mexico. Jake is ready to come home to Stella.
  • Wednesday – Stella shares some official graphic and flyer files that anyone can use. Stella shares a chance meeting in a bar with a woman who tells her to give Angela Sanning a chance. We see a video regarding Pinstripe’s handcuffing Saturday at the Pasadena event.
  • Thursday – A freaky video, in the similar style of other Greg Jordan videos, what might it mean?
  • Friday –  A nice recruitment video with teasing glimpses of what has happened so far in Ancient Societies.
  • Saturday –  We see some nice video of Robyn talking to Ingress/Endgame players at Pasadena.