What went down in the world of Stella V this week – March 8 – 15, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


Sooooo the big news this week is the new look for the site and the change in how Stella shares her story.  For now I intend to keep doing a weekly recap with occasional individual recaps where they fit.


Stella started the week with a declaration: March 9 will from now on be her birthday. The birth certificate Wayland had shared with her had listed March 8, so Stella decided to take her birthday back by changing the day. And as a special treat she shared an image of a throwing star with a Mu symbol on it. Tuesday Stella continues taking her life back, so to speak, with a story of bondage and knots and tying people up… hey, are we slipping into 50 Shades of Stella territory here? Nah, we’re just following Stella as she cuts her ties to all that is Wayland. Next up, she is going to go on one of those primal therapy sessions where people sit around a campfire screaming and getting in touch with themselves (just kidding).


A police report from the Metropolitan Police department in Washington D.C. details a break in at an antiquities museum. It seems someone broke in and stole some stone, one that always gave the night security officer the creeps. Awww, didn’t that museum guard read the Ben Stiller’s guide to making a night in the museum less creepy. Stella’s story moves on to another article about the church robbery in Montana. Seems the little girl had this way with questions, almost like a Jedi able to do mind tricks.  And see, I was good and did not do a drone joke, so, nothing to see here, just move along. But if that was Robyn, it fits with the mile a minute talking she did when she met Stella, as well as her little persuasive comment regarding getting the hotel suite.  Also, as a side note, the person interviewed seemed amazed at a little child asking lots of questions and talking fast, apparently they have never interacted with many 6 year olds (search YouTube, there are 1000s of Jedi on there).


Wednesday brings change, a new look to the site and the ever nearing leaderboard. Also, at least for now, Stella will be posting story pieces as regular blogs and not as rewards for figuring out the challenge puzzle. She follows that with a photo of a black van outside her house that has been there for a long time.  Is Wayland getting sloppy? Or is he crazy like a fox? Is Robyn the only one who is good at the Jedi mind tricks?  Friday gives us a cliffhanger, or maybe I should say punching-bag-hanger… Stella is making a video, showing us how someone was in her house, leaving a message that translates to Rich Girl (I will never get that song out of my head now). Of course, no one is listening to Stella, no one is watching her. We are all watching the shadowy figure creeping around in the background. As the figure comes closer, we all throw our popcorn at the screen and yell ‘Behind you Stella, turn around!!!’. Which she does, at the very end, only to see the intruder, a young girl. There is a moment of surprise, then the camera jerks and…. what happened to Stella?  Is this the mysterious Nori Ko finally coming to say hi to Stella. Think they went down to the local coffee shop for some java?


Saturday’s story piece is an audio recording (um who made this recording, is this from our good friend Angela Sanning???? Does this mean Stella is actually working with Robyn and Angela???) from a college class about Ancient Societies (Is this the voice of the mysterious E. Pramik, quick get out the audio analyzing tools and spend wayyyyy too many hours analyzing it to see if it matches the recording of Wayland…. go ahead, audio pros, spend your time on that). Alright, getting past who is actually talking, let’s look at what it is saying. Ok, you walk into a class and the first minute in, the professor is talking about gold, sky gods and humans coming from a very different source than your biology professor taught you. Do you… a) crack up laughing, get kicked out and spend your evenings actually enjoying your college life?  b) Manage to keep a straight face, zone out for the rest of the class and run, not walk, to the admin office the next day to drop the crazy dude’s class? or c) lean forward, jaw slightly agap in awe, bite hook, line and sinker and end up yelling crazy talk in the college quad and getting in trouble with the law?  I mean, come on, seriously, 12,000 years ago humans were enhanced by some sky gods and began plucking gold outta the ground for some odd reason? Someone should use that as the basis for a book…


tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday –  Stella chooses March 9 to celebrate her birthday.
  • Tuesday – Stella is freeing herself from her cloudy past.  On March 8, 2015, A stone is taken from a museum in Washington D.C.
  • Wednesday –  Another article about the church robbery near Billings Montana and how the little girl was able to distract the criminals.
  • Thursday –  A sneak peak at the upcoming Leaderboard and new site design. A black van has been sitting outside Stella’s place for quite awhile now.
  • Friday –  Someone leaves Stella a note saying rich girl, then a young woman decides to make an appearance as Stella is filming her video.
  • Saturday – An audio clip of a professor (assumed to be E. Pramik) giving an introduction to an Ancient Societies class.