Stella V

What went down in the world of Stella V this week – May 3 – May 9, 2015

Stella V

(skip to the tl;dr 30 second rundown at the end of this post for a quick review)


It’s the week of scrambled up, not seeing a connection in here anywhere Stella, posts. Perhaps this is a week of building, with a hopeful payoff in the future to come, right?


Monday and Tuesday are familiar. We are treated to an Aksumite weapon and a meme from Greg Jordan. What do you get for the obsessed CIA agent who has everything?  A cute little puffer fish pet. Some have been calling Greg and Kori an OTP, well, it seems they have moved on to the giving gifts stage. Sort of interesting how the Monday weapon was called Love/Hate and then we get this little note from Greg, ahhhh love, Ancient Societies style.


Wednesday Stella reaches out, asking students what she should ask Angela as she has (FINALLY!!!!) decided to meet with Angela Sanning. She uses the analogy of a cracked mirror… Um, isn’t there this thing about cracked mirrors and lots of years of bad luck?   It seems @biz4fun601 is back. This time instead of being sad about a delayed flight, it seems there is something odd going on in Baghdad.  This is what Biz posted, “Felt some kind of wave pass through me on the street. Nobody knows what’s going on. They found a man unconscious with a symbol branded into his face. I tried to sketch it. Does anyone know what this is?” As I resist the urge to make a joke about waves passing, why impulsive tattoos are not always a good thing and sunstroke, I turn instead to, what is the symbol?  As many pointed out, it seems to be the Sumerian sign DIĜIR. What that actually means, well see the first sentence I wrote for this recap.


The week continues to spiral into WTH (aka What the Hooey) territory with a text from Jake that makes little sense to all except the writer (and somehow I suspect the writer might not know either). It is sort of like those magnetic word games. You have all these words and you just stick them together in some random order to try and make something that sounds meaningful.  Unfortunately, the text is reading more like a drunken text, which considering Jake’s past drug issues, is worrisome. Also, there is a mention of ‘what they tell you when sleeping’; is this a reference back to the brainwashing puzzle theme a week or so ago?


We round out the week with a note from the Scions of Knossos about the Minotaur and Asterion. Hurray, yet another unknown group making an appearance. So many threads to track. A player mentioned in the post comments about the link of threads to the Minotaur legend. I am beginning to think it is not a set of threads we are following but a garbled gnarl of knots and tangles. Just like that ball of fishing line, thread, rope, etc. that always ends up at the bottom of the box and is tied and jumbled by little knot gnomes whose sole purpose is to frustrate you.  Wait, you say, knot gnomes do not exist. Aha, I say, before the note from the Scions of Knossos you probably said the Minotaur did not exist (see, I am going somewhere with my knot gnomes).  Basically the note is telling Stella that the Minotaur was a hybrid monster (hmmm hybrids again, I sense a theme brewing) called Asterion and he is waiting for humanity to lose its way.  Ohhh trippy, man. No, not psychedelic trippy, but rather serious trippy as in I am tripping over all these dangling threads. But, I am patient and I am able to see potential ways things link (especially if I squint my eyes and try real hard… just teasing Stella, you know I love ya) and I know, if I am patient, something will come of all of this and just like the solve for the Red October puzzle, the logic will make sense… Stella sense.

tl;dr 30 second rundown

  • Monday  –  Aksumite Training Weapon
  • Tuesday  –  A meme from Greg Jordan, it seems Kori No knows he is following her.
  • Wednesday  –  Stella is preparing to meet Angela Sanning.
  • Thursday  –  Another Instagram posting by @biz4fun601 this one about an odd symbol.
  • Friday  –   An odd, garbled text from Jake.
  • Saturday  –  Stella receives a note from the Scions of Knossos that the minotaur is more than a myth.