Wheels To The Max Spotlight

Every day we hear powerful stories about Ingress Agents and their #MissionsForGood. Today we’d like to spotlight Wheels To The Max.


What is Wheels To The Max?

“Wheels to the Max is an Ingress, global cross-faction organization that is raising $9k for a custom-fitted manual wheelchair to replace a 15-year-old wheelchair for Agent GiMpStEr…”


The inception of #WTTM started some time around Recursion L.A. when when Agent GiMpStEr offhandedly joked to an agent of the opposite faction, “Maybe I ought to ask the Ingress Community for a brand-new manual wheelchair, so that way people can pick me up and put the chair in the trunk or back seat to give me a ride!”

What once started as a local effort has grown into a powerful global community for good which consists of over two dozen staff members volunteering their free time to help.


Who is Max?

Fevenis, Max, and Linda Besh

Seen in the middle is Agent GiMpStEr, otherwise known as Max Meier III. I had the pleasure of meeting Max while at Shonin Pasadena, and it was amazing being in the presence of someone so kind and humble. Even without the powerful support the Ingress community has given, Max seems like the type of guy that keeps his chin up even after being dealt some hard cards in life. It really puts things into perspective when I see how petty people can be over the typical woes of “normal” adult life.

From the #WTTM website:

“Others think of him as a friend that’s quick to lend an ear, a buddy that’s willing to accompany you anywhere you’d want to go. Compassionate for sure, wearing his heart on his sleeve. Team player, a jokester, with an awesome attitude, and endless dedication to family and friends.”

Read more about Max’s story here.


Max in the Ingress Report!

Max is suited up and ready to tell the world about how Ingress has impacted him. Also in the report is Socrates (Agent BlueDalekBSD), one of the unsung heroes and project manager of #WTTM. Catch their #WTTM interview @ 10:57 in the Ingress Report.




How can I help?

#WTTM accepts straight donations, sells swag, and holds raffles to help raise money for Max’s new chair.

Main website: http://wheelstothemax.org/

Swag store: https://squareup.com/market/wttm


Cheero raffle (Ends 5/3/2015, only available for the lower 48 states in the USA only). See rules here: http://wheelstothemax.org/cheero/



FevGames Raffle (Ends 5/16/2015, available internationally). See rules here: http://wheelstothemax.org/fev-games/

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I don’t have money I can donate, but can I still help?

You sure can! Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Tell a friend, post about it on a social media, join the community!

Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/+WheelstothemaxOrgIngress/posts

Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/102420579003923437543

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wheelstothemax

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WheelsttMax


What are the plans for #WTTM after helping Max?

Though the core purpose of this group is intended to help Max get a new chair, you can expect that Max, Socrates, and the rest of the team behind #WTTM will have some sort of involvement in future charities involving the Ingress community.