Who is Robyn Sanning? (Ancient Societies)


Who is Robyn Sanning? The question on everyone’s mind. OK the question on many minds. OK, fine, the question I want to ask. So, who is this chick? The whispers began Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 at Stella’s after party in Las Vegas. As seen in this video, a fangirl approached Stella and invites her to come talk to her as she has something very important to tell her. All we know is her name is Robin… oh, wait, that’s Robyn, with a Y.  A few curious Ancient Society Researchers began to dig and found a twitter account  and a g+ account. Do these belong to Robyn? No official confirmation yet, but…


We meet Robyn next as Stella visits Robyn’s penthouse hotel room.  We get perky, we get sass and we get pop culture references galore.  We also get a twist when Robyn says “Stella, I am your father…”  erm, sorry, “Stella we have the same father”.  That’s right, Robyn (with a Y) drops the bombshell that Pitor is her father and Stella’s father.  Stella takes it in stride, striding right out the door leaving Robyn (with a Y) to contemplate murdering Stella’s turtle after all (don’t ask, just watch the video).


What do we know about Robyn?

  • Her name is Robyn Sanning.
  • She has been following Stella’s site, at least enough to know and reference the Stella blog post where she talks about her dreams and the movie “Close Encounters” (which is the movie Robyn asks Stella to sign).
  • Her mother is Angela Sanning and her father is Piotr Denisov, which if Stella is Piotr’s daughter, makes Robyn and Stella half sisters.
  • Comes from a small town just outside of Billings, Montana (if the g+ profile is her profile, it lists Hamilton Montana).
  • Robyn thinks that Piotr’s suicide is suspicious.
  • Feels that Angela was a victim as well as Stella.
  • Likes to drop lots of geek and pop references (feel free to share all the ones you caught in the comments – let’s see if we can identify them all. They are like Pokemon: Gotta catch ’em all!).


So, what comes next? Well, I believe the ball is in Stella’s court.