Women of Ingress 2020

Hello Agents, we have a wonderful month ahead of us with a lot of appreciation being shared and you can be a part of it! March 2020 holds not just International Women’s Day but is also Women’s History Month and Niantic is honoring this month by asking people to share some stories of inspiring female agents in our communities.

Here’s what they have said on their Forums post on this event and how you can participate in this wonderful experience.

We are celebrating International Women’s Day 2020 (#IWD2020) and #WomensHistoryMonth by featuring amazing female Agents all through March. Tune into our social channels or bookmark this page some awe-inspiring stories.

As a token of gratitude for our own #WomenofIngress, all Agents can redeem one Niantic Beacon (0 CMU) from the Store.

Have more stories to share? Nominate the inspiring women Agents in your community using #WomenofIngress and #IngressStories or nominate them in this form. Once you add your nomination, we’ll reach out to them, confirm they want to participate and work with them to share their stories here.” -NianticPooja

Agents, I know there are many wonderful, inspiring female agents out there that have amazing stories about their journey here in Ingress. Please share them if you can with the hashtags provided and nominate some agents with this form so that we can continue to spread the love! Also to note, Niantic is reaching out the the agents nominated to confirm if they want to participate in their posts, so while some may be nominated it is also up to that agent if they want a post done on them or not. They can always ask not to be nominated and that should be respected by everyone.

You can find the stories of some of the agents already picked on the community forums and on any of the Ingress social media. We encourage you to go and read about these agents these social medias!




Once again, thank you to every one that participates in this experience! We look forward to seeing the posts all throughout this month.